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1517 W 57th Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6P 6E9

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British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

Description From Owner:
  • Marpole - Formerly Eburne, but renamed Marpole in 1916. After Richard Marpole (1850-1920), who, after early experience with English railways, came to Canada, where he became a CPR contractor in 1881.
  • Subsequently he entered the employment of the company and in 1886 became superintendent of construction and operation for the CPR'S Pacific Division.
  • In The Valley of Youth, C.W. Holliday has an interesting anecdote about Marpole:
  • A difficulty at first in some places was the shortage of women, especially in Vernon during the first year when numbers of bachelors had collected there.
  • A bunch of these bachelors were, one evening, sitting around the lounge of the new Kalamalka Hotel, the dining room of which had a fine large floor.
  • Mr. Marpole, the superintendent of the CPR, from Vancouver, happened to be there, and regarding this floor, he said, 'Why don't you young fellows give a dance?' .
  • 'Oh, no chance,' said someone, 'there are not enough girls.' 'Suppose you haul us in a carload, Marpole!' said Hankey. 'By Jove!' said Marpole, slapping his thigh, 'you fellows will have the dance.
  • That's just what I will do.' And that is exactly what he did, for he invited a bevy of Vancouver girls and brought them, complete with chaperon, in his private car all the way up to Vernon. (pp. 327-8)
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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