Gold River (Village) / Buttle Lake / Mount Colonal Foster / Conuma Peak / Golden Hinde / Gore Island

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Gold River, BC (Nearby: Stewardson Inlet, Hot Springs Cove, Boat Basin, Marktosis, Ahousat)

  • Buttle Lake
  • Mount Colonal Foster
  • Conuma Peak
  • Gold River
  • Golden Hinde
  • Gore Island

499 Muchalat Drive
Gold River, British Columbia
V0P 1G0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

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  • Buttle Lake named after John Buttle, who came to British Columbia with the Royal Engineers.
  • He served as a naturalist on Dr. Brown's Vancouver Island Exploration Expedition of 1864 and discovered Buttle Lake the following year while conducting his own exploration party into central Vancouver Island.
  • Mount Colonal Foster named after Colonel, later Major-General, William W. Foster (1875-1954). He came to British Columbia from England in 1894 and rose to become Deputy Minister of Public Works
  • before serving with distinction in World War I (DSO with two bars).
  • He was president of Pacific Engineers Ltd. in 1935 when a reform mayor made him Vancouver's chief of police, charged with reorganizing the force. In World War Il, he was special commander for defence projects in northwest Canada.
  • In 1913 'Billy' Foster, an ardent alpinist, along with A.H. MacCarthy, made the first undisputed ascent of Mount Robson. From 1922 to 1924, he was president of the Alpine Club of Canada. (See Foster Peak.)
  • Conuma Peak - Conuma is said to be a Nootka Indian word meaning 'high, rocky peak.'
  • Gold River (Village) - Chinese were taking gold out of the area in the 1860s. The name appears on the Trutch map of 1871.
  • Golden Hinde - The highest mountain (7,219 feet or 2,200 metres) on Vancouver Island.
  • It is named after the ship in which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world. (See also Sir Francis Drake, Mount.) Among alpinists it has the unofficial name of The Rooster's Comb.
  • Gore Island - After John Gore, first lieutenant on HMS Resolution when Captain Cook put in at Nootka in 1778.
  • After the deaths of Cook and his successor, Captain Charles Clerke, Gore took over command of the expedition.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Gold River (Village) / Buttle Lake / Mount Colonal Foster / Conuma Peak / Golden Hinde / Gore Island, Phone : (250) 283-2202

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  • Mount Haig-Brown

  • Commemorates Roderick Haig-Brown (1908-76), noted author and conservationist, and his wife, Anne (1908-90). He also has RODERICK HAIG-BROWN PARK (where the famous salmon-producing Adams River empties into Shuswap Lake) named after him.

  • Heber River

  • After Heber DeVoe, a member of the party that in 1913 made the first survey of Strathcona Park.

  • Heber River

  • Muchalat Inlet

  • According to the early missionary Father Brabant, muchalat is a Nootka Indian word meaning 'deerstalkers.'

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