Canim / Becker Lake / Drewry Lake / Flourmill Creek / Lorin Lake / Mahood Lake

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Canim Lake, BC (Nearby: Eagle Creek, Deka Lake, Forest Grove, Sheridan Lake, Buffalo Creek)

  • Becker Lake
  • Drewry Lake
  • Flourmill Creek
  • Lorin Lake
  • Mahood Lake

Canim Lake, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

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  • When Emile Becker applied for water rights on an as yet officially unnamed lake, he referred to it as Loon Lake (translating its Shuswap Indian name, 'iswelh').
  • Due to a misreading of his handwriting, this was entered as Love Lake on his permit. Becker did not like the name and, when a survey party arrived, he asked them to change it. The surveyors obligingly made Love Lake into Becker Lake.
  • Drewry Lake - After the surveyor William Stewart Drewry, who was active in the area about 1916.
  • Flourmill Creek - Since this creek enters the Clearwater River four miles north of its confluence with Mahood River, the name originally proposed for it was Four Mile Creek.
  • The province already having plenty of Four Mile Creeks, it was decided in Victoria to juggle the letters a bit and come up with a more interesting and distinctive name. Thus, it became Flourmill Creek, though there has never been any flourmill here.
  • Lorin Lake - After Dr. Lorin O. Lind, West Vancouver dentist and outdoorsman, who drowned in 1970 when his plane crashed into this lake.
  • Mahood Lake - After James Adams Mahood, land surveyor, who died in 1901. Mahood conducted a CPR survey party along the shore of the lake in 1872.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Canim / Becker Lake / Drewry Lake / Flourmill Creek / Lorin Lake / Mahood Lake,

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