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Leanchoil / Lake O'Hara / Opabin Pass / Ottertail River / Paget Peak / Mont des Poilus / President Range / Mount Shaffer
Railway Point

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Field, BC (Nearby: Parson, Castledale, Harrogate, Nicholson, Golden)

  • Leanchoil
  • Lake O'Hara
  • Opabin Pass
  • Ottertail River
  • Ottertail River
  • Paget Peak
  • Mont des Poilus
  • President Range
  • Mount Shaffer

Field, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Kootenay Rockies

Description From Owner:
  • Leanchoil - The mother of Lord Strathcona, of CPR fame, was Barbara Stuart of the manor of Leth-na-Coyle (Leanchoil), Inverness-shire, Scotland.
  • Lake O'Hara - After Lieutenant-Colonel Robert O'Hara of the Royal Artillery. Although he did not discover this beautiful lake, he was probably the first tourist to visit it. He was a prickly character.
  • Opabin Pass - Traditionally this Stoney Indian word has been translated as 'rocky,' but 'impurities' is preferred by a linguist specializing in the Stoney language.
  • Ottertail River - Translation of the Indian name for the river.
  • Paget Peak - After the Very Reverend Dean Paget of Calgary, who made the first recorded ascent.
  • Mont des Poilus - Named Mount Habel in 1898 after Jean Habel, a German mountaineer who had climbed in the area.
  • Late in World War I, noting how the Canadians were naming mountain after mountain for French generals, Les -Annales of Paris declared, 'We beg our allies ... to keep one mountain ...
  • for the great hero of the age, the humble and fascinating Poilu.' The upshot was that Herr Habel's mountain was renamed Mont des Poilus.
  • President Range - After Lord Shaughnessy, president of the CPR 1898-1918.
  • Mount Shaffer - After Dr. Charles Schaffer and his wife, Mary, who from 1889 on made annual summer trips from Philadelphia to botanize in the Rockies.
  • By the time of Dr. Schaffer's death in 1903, Mary had overcome her early distaste for 'roughing it' and become an enthusiast for the mountains.
  • With her friend Mollie Adams, she was among the first women to make packhorse expeditions into the remote parts of the Rockies. In 1915 she settled in Banff, having married Bill Warren, a local guide.
  • Mary illustrated Alpine Flora of the Canadian Rockies (1907) based on Dr. Schaffer's research and was herself the author of Old Indian Trails of the Canadian Rockies (1911).
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

President Range

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Leanchoil / Lake O'Hara / Opabin Pass / Ottertail River / Paget Peak / Mont des Poilus / President Range / Mount Shaffer,

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  • Sherbrooke Creek

  • After Sherbrooke, Quebec.

  • Sin Lake

  • An evangelical Bible camp was once established on its shore, with converts being baptized by total immersion in its waters. Local residents, remarking that a great deal of sin must have been washed off into the lake, took to referring to it simply as 'Sin Lake.'

  • Mount Stephen

  • After George Stephen (1829-1921). Starting his working life as a draper's apprentice in Aberdeen, Scotland, Stephen became a buyer for a kinsman operating a drapery business in Montreal. Taking over this firm in 1860, Stephen prospered because of his canny business sense. In 1876 he became president of the Bank of Montreal and in 1881 president of the CPR. Becoming a peer in 1891, he took his title from this mountain, which earlier had been named after him, and became Lord Mount Stephen.

  • Takakkaw Falls

  • A Cree Indian word meaning 'it is magnificent.' The falls, dropping 1,248 feet (380 metres), are thought to be the third highest in Canada, after Della Falls and Hunlen Falls.

  • Tokumm Creek

  • This seems to be derived from the Stoney Indian word meaning 'to misplace,' or 'something lost.' However, a somewhat similar Stoney Indian word means fox.'

  • Mount Vaux

  • Almost certainly named by James Hector after W.S.W. Vaux, FRS (1818-85), a numismatist on the staff of the British Museum. A close friend of Captain Palliser, Vaux helped to secure government funds to finance Palliser, Hector, and Sullivan while they prepared the report on the Palliser Expedition. Probably much of the work was done in Vaux's chambers at Lincoln's Inn Fields.

  • Wapta Lake

  • This is the Stoney Indian word for 'river.'

  • Waputik Mountains

  • From a combination of two Cree Indian words that taken together mean 'white goat' — the mountain goat.

  • Wenkchemna peak

  • Stoney Indian word for 'ten.' The mountain is suitably named, for it is the tenth peak in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

  • Yukness Mountain

  • Perhaps from the stoney Indian word for 'standing.' Another possibility is that Yukness means 'sharpened, as with a knife,' a word descriptive of the peak.

  • Mount Abbot

  • After Harry Abbott. (See Abbotsford.)

  • Amiskwi River

  • From the Cree word meaning 'beaver tail.'

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