Chimdimash 2A
Indian Reserve

Cedarvale, BC (Nearby: Woodcock, Dorreen, Kitwanga, Gitanyow, Usk)

Cedarvale, British Columbia

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British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

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Chimdimash 2A,

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Nearby Lakes and Mountains:
  • Tlooki Peak, 8km
  • Orion Peak, 7km
  • Weeskinisht Peak, 8km
  • Tagai Peak, 9km
  • Tingi Peak, 9km
  • Seven Sisters Peaks, 9km
  • Kitshin Peak, 10km
  • Artemis Peak, 9km
  • Kletoosho Peak, 10km
  • Tuatoosho Peak, 11km
  • Mount Quinlan, 19km
  • Mount Knauss, 26km
  • Mount Sir Robert, 28km
  • Shandilla Lakes, 20km
  • Mount O'Brien, 40km
  • Fiddler Lake, 37km
  • Bornite Mountain, 43km
  • Maroon Mountain, 33km
  • Wesach Mountain, 30km
  • Mount Couture, 27km
  • Kitwancool Lake, 40km
  • Kitseguecla Mountain, 27km
  • Kitselas Mountain, 45km
  • Mount Garland, 38km
  • Noble Five Lake, 49km
  • Glacier Peak, 41km
  • Valhalla Lake, 50km
  • Mount Vanarsdoll, 47km
  • Lean-to Mountain, 46km
  • Kleanza Mountain, 51km
  • Simila Lake, 54km
  • Copper Mountain, 57km
  • Kitsumkalum Lake, 41km
  • Jacks Lake, 34km
  • Kleanza Lake, 53km
  • Mount Thornhill, 59km
  • Mount Weber, 58km
  • Kispiox Mountain, 49km
  • Terrace Mountain, 56km
  • Hazelton Mountains, 53km
  • Redsand Lake, 45km
  • Treston Lake, 46km
  • Mount Philippa, 38km
  • Hazelton Peak, 45km
  • Pine Lake, 52km
  • Douse Lake, 63km
  • Treasure Mountain, 58km
  • Mount Hoadley, 44km
  • Melita Lake, 38km
  • Mount Attree, 65km