Alexis Creek / Chilanko River / Minton Creek / Taseko River

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Williams Lake, BC (Nearby: Alexis Creek, Tl'etinqox, Yuneŝit'in, Lees Corner, Hanceville)

  • Chilanko River
  • Minton Creek
  • Taseko River

48 2 Ave S.
Williams Lake, British Columbia
V2G 1H0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Description From Owner:
  • After Chief Alexis, a leader of the Chilcotin Indians. After the Chilcotin War of 1864, Governor Seymour led a force into the chiefs territory.
  • He described his meeting with the chief thus: 'Alexis and his men came on at the best pace of their horses, holding their muskets over their heads to show they came in peace.
  • Having ascertained which was the Governor, he threw himself from his horse and at once approached me. He was dressed in a French uniform, such as one sees in pictures of Montcalm.'
  • Ten years later the CPR surveyor Marcus Smith met him: 'A ride of fourteen miles ... brought us to the Alexis lakes, near one of which the chief has a rough log-house, his headquarters ...
  • The chief Alexis looks fully fifty years of age, rather under the middle height, has small black restless eyes, expressive of distrust ...'
  • Chilanko River - from a Chilcotin Indian word meaning 'many beaver river.'
  • Minton Creek - After Michael Minton, who settled in the area about 1870.
  • Taseko River - From a Chilcotin Indian word that means 'mosquito river.'
  • …from G.P.V. Akrigg and Helen B. Akrigg British Columbia Place Names 3rd Edition 1997

Minton Creek

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Alexis Creek / Chilanko River / Minton Creek / Taseko River, Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301

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