Antle Islands

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Kitkatla, BC (Nearby: Oona River, Hunts Inlet, Porcher Island, Osland, Port Edward)

640 Ocean Dr.
Kitkatla, British Columbia
V0N 2N0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • Named after Captain the Reverend John Antle, founder of the Columbia Coast Mission.
  • In 1903 Vancouver was shocked when the steamer Cassiar arrived with the bodies of four dead loggers aboard, victims of the lack of medical services upcoast.
  • The next year, determined to investigate, Antle (the rector of the Anglican parish of Holy Trinity, Vancouver) sailed in his little boat Laverock to survey the needs of the Indians, loggers, fishermen, and settlers living to the east of Vancouver Island.
  • The next year his mission ship, the Columbia, was built, and Antle began his years as a missionary, founding four hospitals and ministering to an area of 10,000 square miles.
  • Antle had learned his seamanship off Newfoundland. His language at times could be decidedly unclerical. At the age of seventy-five, he sailed his yacht Reverie from Falmouth, England, to Victoria.
  • …from G.P.V. Akrigg and Helen B. Akrigg British Columbia Place Names 3rd Edition 1997

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Antle Islands, Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301

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