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Kelowna, BC (Nearby: Agate, Clapperton, Canford, Coyle, Lower Nicola)

571 Bernard Ave
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 6N9

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British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

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Nearby Lakes and Mountains:
  • Skwilkwakwil Mountain, 10km
  • Abbott Lake, 9km
  • Spaist Mountain, 14km
  • Mimenuh Mountain, 12km
  • Pimainus Lakes, 15km
  • Anischeldt Lake, 10km
  • Gordon Lake, 10km
  • Kukismous Lake, 11km
  • Nsatiscou Lake, 11km
  • Farr Lake, 12km
  • Stumbles Lakes, 13km
  • Tyner Lake, 13km
  • Calling Lake, 22km
  • Knight Lake, 18km
  • O.K. Lake, 22km
  • Roscoe Lake, 18km
  • Gnawed Mountain, 20km
  • Gnawed Lake, 21km
  • Little O.K. Lake, 24km
  • Big O.K. Lake, 24km
  • Zakwaski Mountain, 18km
  • Soap Lake, 19km
  • Chataway Lake, 19km
  • Mount McInnes, 24km
  • Dot Lake, 20km
  • Twentyfour Mile Lake, 28km
  • Billy Lake, 22km
  • Gypsum Lake, 20km
  • Jim Black Lake, 29km
  • Gypsum Mountain, 21km
  • Antler Lake, 22km
  • LeRoy Lake, 23km
  • Cougar Lake, 22km
  • Stoyoma Mountain, 31km
  • Tupper Lake, 25km
  • Bose Lake, 30km
  • South Forge Mountain, 32km
  • Lily Lake, 30km
  • Gump Lake, 27km
  • Mount Hewitt Bostock, 31km
  • Lightning Lake, 34km
  • Silver Lake, 34km
  • Cabin Lake, 33km
  • Forge Mountain, 35km
  • Morgan Lake, 24km
  • Mamit Lake, 25km
  • Mount Lytton, 25km
  • Arthur Seat, 27km
  • Tolman Lake, 25km
  • Danish Lake, 25km