Anahim Lake / Mount Davidson / Entiako Lake / Heckman Pass / Hunlen Falls / Kluskus Lakes / Mount MacKenzie

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Kleena Kleene, BC (Nearby: Anahim Lake, Nimpo Lake, Charlotte Lake, Towdystan, Atnarko)

  • Mount Davidson
  • Entiako Lake
  • Heckman Pass
  • Hunlen Falls
  • Kluskus Lakes
  • Mount MacKenzie

19679 BC-20
Kleena Kleene, British Columbia
V0L 1M0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

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  • After a Chilcotin Indian chief. In 1861 Ranald Macdonald and John G. Barnstorm, describing a recent trip from Alexandria to Bella Coola, mentioned 'Lake Anawhim.'
  • The Indian name was 'Na-coont-loon,' meaning 'a fence built across' or a 'fish trap.' ANAHIM PEAK was a well-known source of obsidian, for which the Indians came from far and wide.
  • Entiako Lake - According to Father Ouilette, this Carrier Indian name means 'lake with a brown-coloured creek.'
  • Mount Davidson after Professor John Davidson of UBC, who did the first botanizing in Garibaldi Park around 1912. In 1918 he founded the Vancouver Natural History Society, which he headed until 1937.
  • Heckman Pass - Named, on the recommendation of the Bella Coola Board of Trade, after Max Heckman, a longtime resident of the area.
  • Hunlen Falls - These, the third highest falls in British Columbia (1,300 feet or 396 metres), were discovered in 1911 by Walter and Frank Ratcliffe, who named them after the Indian whose trapline ran by them.
  • Kluskus Lakes - From the Carrier Indian word meaning 'place of small whitefish.'
  • Mount MacKenzie - After Alexander Mackenzie (1822-92), Prime Minister of Canada from 1873 to 1878.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Anahim Lake / Mount Davidson / Entiako Lake / Heckman Pass / Hunlen Falls / Kluskus Lakes / Mount MacKenzie,

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  • Rainbow Range

  • There are two Rainbow Ranges in the province. (1) That in the southeastern part of Tweedsmuir Park gets its name from the variety of colours in the volcanic rocks here. Since red predominates, the Indians called them 'the Bleeding Mountains.' (2) That in Mount Robson Park is similarly named because of the prismatic range of colours offered by the rocks and vegetation.

  • Rainbow Range
  • Rainbow Range

  • Tsacha Lake

  • According to G.M. Dawson, the lake takes its name from a Carrier Indian word meaning 'great stone, or mountain,' referring to a rocky mountain north of the lake.

  • Wawa Lake

  • This is the Chinook jargon word meaning 'talk,' 'conversation,' 'tale,' or anything to do with speech whether written or articulated. A very apt name for this lake where Indians used to meet once a year to exchange news and items of interest.

  • Beef Trail Creek

  • So named since the trail that parallels this creek had been used to drive cattle from the Chilcotin to Bella Coola.

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