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Argenta / Earl Grey Pass / Mount Hamill / Kootenay Joe Creek / Midge Peak / Mount Morigeau

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Argenta, BC (Nearby: Lardeau, Cooper Creek, Johnsons Landing, Meadow Creek, Marblehead)

  • Earl Grey Pass
  • Mount Hamill
  • Kootenay Joe Creek
  • Midge Peak
  • Mount Morigeau

Argenta, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Kootenay Rockies

Description From Owner:
  • Argenta - A simplified or mistaken form of argentea, the Latin adjective for 'silver.' The community originated during the silver-mining boom in the 1890s.
  • Earl Grey Pass - In 1907 Earl Grey, Governor General of Canada, travelled on horseback over this pass between Kootenay Lake and the headwaters of the Columbia.
  • Actually Fred Wells (see Wells) discovered this pass, which was originally named after him, and Lord Grey is said to have objected to the change in name.
  • Mount Hamill - After Thomas Hammil (note correct spelling), a young Cornish prospector. For the story of his murder, see Sproule Creek.
  • Kootenay Joe Creek - Kootenay Joe, an Indian chief living near Creston, often canoed up this creek to camp, fish, and hunt.
  • Midge Peak - After the steam launch Midge, which W.A. Baillie-Grohman brought in from the United States.
  • He managed to get her admitted duty free as an agricultural implement after jocularly assuring the customs officer that he would need it to pull a plough across the flooded part of his land.
  • Mount Morigeau - After the first white settler in this area, Frangois Morigeau, who arrived before 1820 and founded a family that is now widely represented in this district.
  • Father De Smet has left the following account of his meeting with Morigeau in 1845:
  • The monarch who rules at the source of the Columbia is an honest emigrant from St. Martin, in the district of Montreal, who has resided for twenty-six years in this desert.
  • The skins of the rein and moose deer are the materials of which his portable palace is composed; and to use his own expressions, he embarks on horseback with his wife [a daughter of Chief Peter Kinbaskit] and seven children, and lands wherever he pleases
  • ...many years had Morigeau ardently desired to see a priest; and when he learned that I was about to visit the source of the Columbia, he repaired thither in all haste to procure for his wife and chilImagedren the signal grace of baptism.
  • (Life and Letters, pp. 498-9)
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Kootenay Joe Creek

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Argenta / Earl Grey Pass / Mount Hamill / Kootenay Joe Creek / Midge Peak / Mount Morigeau,

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