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Atlin / Gladys Lake / Hitchcock Creek / Inklin River / Kochook Creek / Kelsall Lake / Lindeman Lake / Mount Nesselrode

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Atlin, BC (Nearby: Scotia Bay, Taku, Surprise, Rupert, Engineer)

  • Atlin
  • Gladys Lake
  • Hitchcock Creek
  • Inklin River
  • Kochook Creek
  • Kelsall Lake
  • Lindeman Lake
  • Mount Nesselrode
  • Hydraulic monitoring for placer gold at Atlin BC, 1900s.

190 First Ave.
Atlin, British Columbia
V0W 1A0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • Atlin - From the Inland Tlingit Indian word meaning 'big lake.'
  • Gladys Lake - When the future Commissioner Perry of the RNWMP was in charge of this district, he named the lake after his youngest daughter.
  • Hitchcock Creek - After Mary E. Hitchcock of New York, author of Two Women in the Klondike. A wealthy widow, she visited Atlin and grubstaked at least one miner in the area.
  • Inklin River - Apparently derived from the Tlingit Indian word meaning 'big river.'
  • Kochook Creek - To use the quaint phrasing of a toponymical file in Ottawa, 'part of a Tlinkit Indian expression imploring mosquitoes to leave.'
  • Kelsall Lake - After R. Kelsall of the Bc-Yukon boundary survey party, 1908.
  • Lindeman Lake - Named in 1883 after the secretary of the Bremen Geographical Society, the German sponsors of the expedition (headed by Arthur and Aurel Krause) that went into the Tlingit country in 1881-2.
  • Mount Nesselrode - After Count Karl Robert Nesselrode (1780-1862). In 1816 he became Russia's Foreign Minister and in 1844 imperial chancellor. For forty years he directed Russia's foreign policy.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Atlin / Gladys Lake / Hitchcock Creek / Inklin River / Kochook Creek / Kelsall Lake / Lindeman Lake / Mount Nesselrode,

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  • Mount Poletica

  • After Pierre de Poletica, Russian minister to the United States and a plenipotentiary in Russia's Alaska boundary negotiations with Great Britain in 1824-5. The latter resulted in the creation of the ‘Alaska Panhandle.’

  • Tahini River

  • From the Tlingit Indian name meaning 'king salmon.'

  • Teslin Lake

  • From an Athapaskan Indian name said to mean 'long, narrow water.'

  • Tutshi Lake

  • From the 'Tlingit Indian word meaning 'black lake.'

  • Volcanic Creek

  • After 'Volcanic' Brown, a colourful prospector who perished while seeking the legendary 'lost mine' on upper Pitt River.

  • White Pass

  • Named after Thomas White, Minister of the Interior 1885-8.

  • Atlin Lake

  • From the Inland Tlingit Indian word meaning 'big lake.'

  • Aunteater Glacier

  • Noting this glacier's long, thin tongue, a prospector was reminded of an anteater's tongue. A play on words probably led to this, the official name of the glacier.

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