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Bamfield / Character Cove / Effingham Island / Fleming Island (Deer Island) / Hobiton Lake / Klanawa River

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Bamfield, BC (Nearby: Anaqtl'a, Ecoole, Hi'tatis, Kildonan, Salmon Beach)

  • Bamfield
  • Character Cove
  • Effingham Island
  • Fleming Island (Deer Island)
  • Hobiton Lake
  • Klanawa River

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Bamfield, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

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  • A slightly corrupted form of the surname of William Eddy Banfield, who came to the Pacific coast on HMS Constance in 1846 and later became a trader and an Indian agent on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
  • In 1862 he drowned in a canoe accident, which some suspected was murder.
  • Character Cove - When a university course entailing diving and water collecting after midnight was given at nearby Bamfield Marine Station, the class's enthusiasm began to wane.
  • To hearten them Professor Brian Marcotte kept chanting 'Oceanography builds character.' Hence the name given to this little bay.
  • Effingham Island - In 1788 Captain Meares named a harbour here Port Effingham after Thomas Howard, third Earl of Effingham. In 1905 the island itself, hitherto named Village Island, was renamed Effingham Island.
  • Fleming Island (Deer Island) - This and nearby Sandford Island are named after Sir Sandford Fleming.
  • Hobiton Lake - ). Derived from the Nitinaht Indian word meaning 'sound of [someone] snoring,' said to be descriptive of the sound made by the outlet stream where it flows into Nitinaht Lake.
  • Klanawa River - From the Nitinaht Indian word meaning 'blubber coming down stream.'
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Bamfield / Character Cove / Effingham Island / Fleming Island (Deer Island) / Hobiton Lake / Klanawa River,

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  • Nitinat Lake

  • Takes its name from the Nitinaht Indians, whom early explorers described as a fierce, warlike people. The Nitinaht people originally lived at Jordan River, and their name is derived from the Indian name for that area, meaning unknown. Linguist John Thomas says that the Nitinaht people do not have a special name for Nitinaht Lake and simply refer to it by a word meaning a 'large body of water.'

  • Numukamis Bay

  • From the Nootka Indian word meaning 'something private, personally owned.'
    Numukamis Bay

  • Pachena Point

  • This word is derived from the Nitinaht Indian name for the site of Port Renfrew, but by mistake the anglicized name Pachena was applied to a point farther up the coast that had a nearly identical configuration. Pachena in its original form meant either 'sea foam' or 'foam on the rocks.'

  • Poett Nook

  • Named in 1861 after Dr. Poett, an English physician of means who had a practice in San Francisco and was interested in copper Claims on Copper Island, Barkley Sound.

  • Swiss Boy Island

  • In 1859 the brig Swiss Boy, bound from Port Orchard to San Francisco with a cargo of lumber, put into the sound to stop a leak. The local Indians attacked and looted the ship. Only the intervention of one of the chiefs saved the lives of the captain and crew.

  • Trevor Channel

  • Frances Hornby Trevor, the seventeen-year-old bride of Captain Charles Barkley when he discovered Barkley Sound in 1787, was the first white woman to visit this coast.

  • Tsusiat River

  • From the Nitinaht Indian word meaning 'water pouring down' (i.e., waterfall), a very suitable name as the river falls over a ledge and descends directly into the ocean.

  • Tzartus Island

  • From the Nootka Indian word that means 'water flows inside at the beach.'

  • Barkley Sound

  • Named after himself by captain Charles William Barkley of the Imperial Eagle, a British trading vessel sailing under Austrian colours. During this voyage of 1787, Barkley was accompanied by his seventeen-year-old bride, Frances, the first white woman to see British Columbia.

  • Cape Beale

  • Named by Captain Barkley in 1787 after John Beale, his purser on the Imperial Eagle. Later in the same year, Beale was murdered by Indians.

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