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Bella Bella, BC (Nearby: Waglisla, Campbell Island, Old Bella Bella, Shearwater, Namu)

  • Bella Bella
  • Chatfield Island
  • Dryad Point
  • Dufferin Island
  • Horsfall Island
  • Kididt Sound
  • Kliksoatli Harbour

Bella Bella, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Description From Owner:
  • Its name is that of the local Indians, the Bella Bella (Bil-Billa or Bel-Bella) band. That name may derive from a Heiltsuk word meaning 'flat point(ed) , ' describing the village's orig. location on McLoughlin Bay near the HBC'S Fort McLoughlin (1833-43)
  • Chatfield Island named after Captain Alfred J. Chatfield, commanding HMS Amethyst when the Earl of Dufferin, Governor-General of Canada, and his countess made their cruise to British Columbia's northern waters in the summer of 1876.
  • Dryad Point - After the HBC brig Dryad (Captain Kipling) in these waters in 1833.
  • Dufferin Island - on the central coast was named in the same year when Lord and Lady Dufferin sailed past it aboard I-IMS Amethyst during their northern cruise.
  • Horsfall Island - Named by Captain Walbran, author of British Columbia Coast Names 1592-1906, after his maternal grandfather, the Reverend Thomas Horsfall (1795-1869), vicar of Cundall, Yorkshire.
  • Kididt Sound - From the Heiltsuk Indian word meaning Mong way inland' or 'long inlet.'
  • Kliksoatli Harbour - This fine harbour near Bella Bella has a Heiltsuk Indian name meaning 'big thing [rock, etc.] inside on the water.'
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Kididt SoundKliksoatli Harbour

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Bella Bella / Chatfield Island / Dryad Point / Dufferin Island / Horsfall Island / Kididt Sound / Kliksoatli Harbour,

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  • Lama Passage

  • A corrupted version of Llama, the name of the brig bought from her American owners by the HBC in 1832 and used in the founding of Fort McLoughlin (on the site of old Bella Bella) the following year. (See Port McNeill.)

  • McLoughlin Bay

  • ). In 1833 the HBC established Fort McLoughlin, named after Dr. John McLoughlin, Chief Factor in command of its Columbia Department. When the fort was abandoned in 1843, McLoughlin's name remained attached to the bay.

  • Milbanke Sound

  • Named in 1788, by Captain Duncan of the Princess Royal, after Vice-Admiral Mark Milbanke.

  • Queen Charlotte Sound

  • According to Captain Vancouver, this sound was named in 1786 after the consort of George Ill by Mr. S. Wedgborough, commanding the trading vessel Experiment.

    Queen Charlotte (1744-1818) was the youngest daughter of a brother of the third Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The royal marriage having been arranged, she travelled to England in 1761 and married George Ill the day they met. She bore the King fifteen children, was thoroughly domestic in her interests, and never discussed matters of state with her husband. Horace Walpole described her thus at the time of her marriage: 'She is not tall nor a beauty. Pale and very thin; but looks sensible and genteel. Her hair is darkish and fine; her forehead low, her nose very well, except the nostrils spreading too wide. The mouth has the same fault, but her teeth are good. She talks a great deal, and French tolerably.' Queen Charlotte said that she knew no real sorrow in her marriage until the King went insane.

    Also QUEEN CHARLOTTE STRAIT to the southeast.

  • Raymond Passage

  • Named for an American, Captain Raymond, who used this passage when bringing his sailing brig to Fort McLoughlin. HBC records mention this name as early as 1835.

  • Sans Peur Passage

  • Named after the Duke of Sutherland's yacht, in BC waters when World War Il broke out. The Sans Peur's cruise around the world came to an abrupt end when she was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy.

  • Seaforth Channel

  • Apparently named by HBC officers after Lord Seaforth, Baron Mackenzie of Kintail (1754-1815), who if the title had not been attainted would have been ninth Earl of Seaforth. He rose to be a lieutenant-general in the British Army, one of his important services being the raising in 1793 of the Ross-shire Buffs, better known as the Seaforth Highlanders. This famous regiment having been disbanded in Britain, Vancouver's Seaforth Highlanders of Canada alone survive to maintain its traditions.

  • Shearwater

  • After HMS Shearwater, which served on this coast as a ship of the Royal Navy from 1902 to 1915, when she was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy. The Canadians used her as depot ship for the two submarines that British Columbia had bought in Seattle. In 1917 she conducted them to the east coast by way of the Panama Canal.

  • Spiller Channel

  • After Corporal Richard Spiller, Royal Marines, who served on HM hired survey ship Beaver from 1863 to 1870. He was Commander Pender's personal attendant.

  • Cape Swaine

  • Named by Captain Vancouver after his third lieutenant on HMS Discovery, Spelman Swaine.

  • Yeo Island

  • After Dr. Gerald Yeo, surgeon on HMS Ganges, on the Pacific Station 1857-60.

  • Athlone Island

  • Originally Smyth Island, it was renamed to honour the Earl of Athlone, who was appointed Governor General of Canada in 1940.

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