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Clearwater, BC (Nearby: Blackpool, Birch Island, Little Fort, Chu Chua, Darfield)

85 Clearwater Station Rd
Clearwater, British Columbia
V0E 1N0

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British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

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  • Lemieux Lake, 9km
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  • Hardcastle Lake, 16km
  • Chu Chua Mountain, 25km
  • Dunn Peak, 22km
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  • Johnston Lake, 25km
  • Steiger Lake, 16km
  • Taweel Lake, 16km
  • Dum Lake, 22km
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  • Sheila Lake, 24km
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  • Green Mountain, 30km
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  • Deer Lake, 21km
  • Mount McClennan, 20km