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Boston Bar, BC (Nearby: North Bend, Canyon Alpine, Hells Gate, Chaumox, Boothroyd)

  • Boston Bar
  • Mount Hewitt Bostock
  • Keefers
  • Kookipi Creek
  • Nahatlatch River
  • Scuzzy Creek
  • Speyum Creek

47854 Old Boston Bar Rd
Boston Bar, British Columbia
V0K 1C0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

Description From Owner:
  • So named because of the numerous Americans washing for gold in the bar in the Fraser River here. Since the first American ships off our coast were almost invariably from Boston, the Indians took to calling the Americans 'Boston men.'
  • Similarly the Indians called the British 'King George men.' The Americans, carrying into British Columbia their tradition that the only good Indian is a dead Indian, treated the Natives abominably.
  • In 1859 Arthur Bushb - y noted in his journal that it 'is quite strange to see how soon the Indians detect the Boston men & how they dislike them and how much they like King Georgie man.'
  • Provoked by the Americans, the Indians in the Fraser Canyon began to murder isolated parties of whites washing the bars of the Fraser.
  • The trouble culminated in the so-called 'Battle of Boston Bar' on 14 August 1858. A correspondent of the San Francisco Bulletin who was present reported that the fight 'lasted three hours, and resulted in the complete rout of the savages.
  • Seven of the Indians are known to have been killed, and a number wounded. Only one white man was wounded, and that slightly in the arm.
  • About 150 white men were in the fight.' According to some authorities, the Battle of Boston Bar actually took place at Spuzzum. The original Indian village at Boston Bar was narned Koia'um, often spelled Quayome, meaning 'to pick berries.'
  • Mount Hewitt Bostock - Commemorates Hewitt Bostock (1864-1930). An upper-class Englishman with a Cambridge degree and a training in law, Bostock emigrated to British Columbia in 1893, bought the Duck Ranch at Monte Creek, and plunged into politics.
  • In 1896 he became an MP and in 1904 a senator. From 1921 to 1922, he was federal Minister of Public Works, and in the latter year he became Speaker of the Senate.
  • Keefers - After George Alexander Keefer, CE (1836-1912), in charge of building the CPR between North Bend and Lytton. At one time he and his family resided here.
  • Kookipi Creek - This name is derived from a Thompson Indian word meaning either 'leader' or 'chief.
  • Nahatlatch River - From the Thompson Indian word meaning 'deep down from both sides.' The name has also been connected with the Thompson word for 'icy.'
  • Scuzzy Creek - From a Thompson Indian word meaning 'jump' or 'jump across' (with reference to falls on the creek). Andrew Onderdonk's famous little steamer Skuzzy, used in the construction of the CPR, was named after this creek.
  • Speyum Creek - From a Thompson Indian word meaning 'large flat area.'
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Boston Bar / Mount Hewitt Bostock / Keefers / Kookipi Creek / Nahatlatch River / Scuzzy Creek / Speyum Creek,

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  • Stoyoma Mountain

  • From a Thompson Indian word meaning 'very bad or rough mountain.'

  • Uztlius Creek

  • From the Thompson Indian word meaning 'water that boils,' referring to the rapids in the stream.

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