Christina Lake / Italy Creek / Sandner Creek / Stewart Creek / Sutherland Creek / Xenia Lake

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Christina Lake, BC (Nearby: Fife, Cascade, Billings, Gilpin, Paulson)

  • Christina Lake
  • Italy Creek
  • Italy Creek
  • Sandner Creek
  • Stewart Creek
  • Sutherland Creek
  • Xenia Lake

1720 Sandner Frontage Rd
Christina Lake, British Columbia
V0H 1E3

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • Named, apparently around 1860, after Christina, the mixed-blood daughter of Angus McDonald, the HBC factor at Fort Colvile.
  • She often accompanied her father on his field trips. On one of them, she plunged into the flooded stream running out from the lake and rescued her father's papers. In recognition of her courage, the lake was named after her.
  • Italy Creek - So named because of a nearby Italian community.
  • Sandner Creek - After Charles Sandner, who arrived from Chicago in 1896 to make his fortune prospecting. According to the Boundary Historical Society's fifth report,
  • 'He found very little mineral riches, but the beauty and freedom he found caused him to stay ... until his death in 1934.'
  • Stewart Creek - After Angus Stewart, prospector, newspaperman, and to use the ambiguous language of the Boundary Historical Society's fifth report 'custodian' of a colony of remittance men on English Point.
  • Sutherland Creek - After J. Sutherland, a cowboy-prospector who spent years prospecting the upper watershed of the creek, and died in a cabin at its mouth.
  • Xenia Lake - Xenia is one of only two place names in all of British Columbia to begin with an x. Somebody who knew classical Greek could have applied this name in the sense of 'pertaining to hospitality.' Xenia is also a botanical term.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Stewart CreekSutherland Creek

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Christina Lake / Italy Creek / Sandner Creek / Stewart Creek / Sutherland Creek / Xenia Lake,

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