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Cultus Lake / Lindell Beach / Liumchen Creek / Nesakwatch Creek / Mount Slesse / Tamihi Creek

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Cultus Lake, BC (Nearby: Vedder Crossing, CFB Chilliwack, Promontory, South Sumas, Lindell Beach)

  • Cultus Lake
  • Lindell Beach
  • Liumchen Creek
  • Nesakwatch Creek
  • Nesakwatch Creek
  • Mount Slesse
  • Tamihi Creek

3 - 4125 Columbia Valley Rd
Cultus Lake, British Columbia
V2R 5B7

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

Description From Owner:
  • Chinook jargon for anything bad, worthless, or foul. The anglicized form of the Halkomelem word for the lake is Sweltzer, now the name of the river draining the lake. The latter word means unclear liquid that warns secretly.'
  • The Indians believed that dreaded supernatural creatures lived in Cultus Lake, often manifesting themselves as dirty swirlings in the water.
  • Lindell Beach - When a post office was opened here in 1953, it was named after A.F. Lindell, who settled beside Cultus Lake before World war 1.
  • Liumchen Creek - From the Halkomelem word meaning 'water gushing out' (from the outlet of an underground stream).
  • Nesakwatch Creek - From the Halkomelem word for a reed that once grew abundantly along the banks of this stream and was used for making fishnets.
  • Mount Slesse - This name (pronounced 'suh-lée-see') comes from the original language of the Chilliwack Indians and means fang.' It is very descriptive of the mountain's appearance.
  • Tamihi Creek - From the Halkomelem word for Mount McGuire. According to Dr. Brent Galloway, the name means 'deformed baby finishes.' Such infants were sometimes left exposed on the mountain to die.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Nesakwatch Creek

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Cultus Lake / Lindell Beach / Liumchen Creek / Nesakwatch Creek / Mount Slesse / Tamihi Creek,

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