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Victoria, BC (Nearby: Dunsmuir, Qualicum Bay, Bowser, Dashwood, Hornby Island)

3943 Quadra St C
Victoria, British Columbia
V8X 1J0

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British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

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  • Illusion Lakes, 4km
  • Spider Lake, 5km
  • Mount Wesley, 8km
  • Cameron Lake, 11km
  • Horne Lake, 8km
  • Mount Horne, 10km
  • St. Mary Lake, 14km
  • Mount Mark, 9km
  • Marshy Lake, 12km
  • Mount Cokely, 17km
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  • Duck Lake, 28km
  • Lizard Lake, 28km
  • Douglas Peak, 29km
  • Chicadee Lake, 24km
  • Patlicant Mountain, 29km
  • Father and Son Lake, 30km
  • Mount Hal, 20km
  • Mount Hankin, 27km
  • Mount McQuillan, 31km
  • Devils Den Lake, 24km
  • Limestone Mountain, 33km
  • Mount Moriarty, 30km
  • Mount Curran, 22km
  • McCoy Lake, 24km
  • Mount Underwood, 31km
  • Hadley Lake, 24km
  • Little Mountain, 23km
  • Labour Day Lake, 31km
  • The Squarehead, 23km
  • Mount Joan, 23km