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Egmont / Brittain River / Earle Range / Mount Hallowell / Hotham Sound / Jervis Inlet / Kunechin Point

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Egmont, BC (Nearby: Doriston, Earls Cove, Kleindale, Garden Bay, Madeira Park)

  • Brittain River
  • Earle Range
  • Egmont
  • Mount Hallowell
  • Hotham Sound
  • Jervis Inlet
  • Kunechin Point

6815 Bathgate Rd
Egmont, British Columbia
V0N 1N0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

Description From Owner:
  • Egmont - After nearby Egmont Point, named after HMS Egmont, which served under Rear-Admiral Sir John Jervis (who later became Earl St. Vincent) at the Battle of St. Vincent, 14 February 1797.
  • Brittain River - After Rowland Brittain, BC's first patent attorney, who owned land at the mouth of the river around 1901.
  • Earle Range - After Lieutenant Wallace Sinclair Earle, DLS, BCLS, killed in action in France in 1916. He surveyed in this area in 1910.
  • Mount Hallowell - After Admiral Sir Benjamin Hallowell (1760-1834), captain of HMS Swiftsure under Lord Nelson at the Battle of the Nile.
  • After the victory he sent Nelson a decidedly original gift made out of floating wreckage from one of the French battleships. With it he sent the following note:
  • 'My Lord Herewith I send you a coffin made of part of L'Orient's mainmast, that when you are tired of this life you may be buried in one of your own trophies; but may that period be far distant is the sincere wish of your much obliged servant.
  • — Ben Hallowell.' He is said to have been a giant of a man, with tremendous muscular strength. After his inheritance in 1828 of the Carew estates, he changed his name to Benjamin Hallowell Carew.
  • Hotham Sound - After Admiral William Hotham, RN, Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean 1794-5.
  • A courageous and conscientious subordinate, Hotham lacked the energy and force of character needed in the top command and was relieved in 1795 by Sir John Jervis, the future Earl St. Vincent.
  • Jervis Inlet - Named by Captain Vancouver after Rear Admiral Sir John Jervis (1735-1823), made Earl St. Vincent after his great victory over the Spaniards off Cape St. Vincent in 1797.
  • Jervis was a formidable disciplinarian. When the crew of HMS Marlborough refused to hang one of their number as a mutineer, Jervis was ready to sink the ship with her crew if the condemned seaman was not hanging from a yardarm by the time he had set.
  • On the other hand, stories are also told of Jervis's kindness and generosity to his men.
  • Kunechin Point - The Hydrographic Survey named this point, which is far removed from the original Kunechin, a former Sechelt Indian village at the head of Jervis Inlet. Kunechin may be translated as 'going as far as you can go.'
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Kunechin Point

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Egmont / Brittain River / Earle Range / Mount Hallowell / Hotham Sound / Jervis Inlet / Kunechin Point,

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  • Mount Pearkes

  • After Major-General George Randolph Pearkes, VC, PC (Canada), CC, CB, DSO, MC, Croix de Guerre (1888-1984). Born in England, he came to Canada in 1906, subsequently joining the RNWMP. In World War I, he was commissioned in the field and rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Between the wars he served in Canada's permanent army. In Britain in World War II, he commanded the 1st Canadian Division from 1940 to 1942. In the latter year, Japan having entered the war, he was flown to British Columbia to take over the Pacific Command, remaining GocPacific until his retirement in 1945. First elected to the House of Commons in 1945, he was Minister of National Defence from 1957 to 1960.

    From 1960 to 1968, he was Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, winning in abundance the respect and affection of the province. Perhaps of all British Columbians General Pearkes best merits the famous phrase Chevalier sans peur et sans reproche.

  • Princess Louisa Inlet

  • Named after the mother of Queen Victoria. Its Sechelt Indian name, 'Sway-oo-lat,' means 'facing the rising sun's rays.'

  • St. Vincent Bay

  • After Rear-Admiral Sir John Jervis (17351823), who, having defeated the Spanish at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, was created Earl St. Vincent in 1797.

  • Skwawka River

  • SKWAWKA RIVER, flows SE into head of Jervis Inlet (C-8). From a Sechelt Indian word that may mean 'river splits.'

  • Mount Tinniswood

  • After William Tinniswood Dalton (1854-1931), Vancouver architect and enthusiastic mountaineer, one of the party that made the first ascent of Mount Garibaldi.

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