Grasmere / Mount Haig / Kishinena Creek / Linklater Creek / Phillipps Creek / Wigwam River / Akamina Pass

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Grasmere, BC (Nearby: Roosville, Newgate, Kragmont, Baynes Lake, Elko)

  • Grasmere
  • Mount Haig
  • Kishinena Creek
  • Linklater Creek
  • Linklater Creek
  • Phillipps Creek
  • Phillipps Creek
  • Wigwam River
  • Akamina Pass

5880 DORR RD
Grasmere, British Columbia
V0B 1R0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Kootenay Rockies

Description From Owner:
  • Grasmere - Earlier named McGuire after Howard McGuire, who arrived in the district in 1898.
  • In 1922, when a new school was built, every pupil submitted a new name for the settlement. A draw was held, and the entry picked was that of young Warren Lancaster, who had proposed Grasmere.
  • Mount Haig - After Captain R. W. Haig, RA, astronomer with the British Boundary Commission, which, with its American counterpart, established the international boundary from the Rockies to the Pacific from 1858 to 1862.
  • Kishinena Creek - This Indian name appears to have some connection with balsam fir, a coniferous tree.
  • Linklater Creek - After John (Scotty) Linklater, manager in the 1850s of the HBC'S Fort Kootenay, located close to this stream.
  • Phillipps Creek - After Michael Phillipps, son of the Reverend Thomas Phillipps of Densall, Herefordshire. Arriving in British Columbia in 1863, he became an interesting transitional figure in the history of the East Kootenay district.
  • Originally he was an HBC clerk at Fort Shepherd and married Rowena, daughter of Chief David of the Tobacco Plains Indians. Later he became the first homesteader in the district and the first Indian Agent in the area.
  • He prospected along the Elk River in 1873 and was disgusted at finding nothing but coal. He may have discovered the Crowsnest Pass from the west in the same year, ignorant that it had already been found by the Palliser Expedition. He died in 1916.
  • Wigwam River - So named because Indians travelling to and from the North Kootenay Pass used to camp beside the stream.
  • Akamina Pass - From the Kootenay Indian word meaning 'mountain pass.'
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Linklater CreekPhillipps Creek

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Grasmere / Mount Haig / Kishinena Creek / Linklater Creek / Phillipps Creek / Wigwam River / Akamina Pass,

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