Hagensborg / Burnt Bridge Creek / John Buchan Island / Noomst Creek / Nusatsum River / Stupendous Mountain

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Hagensborg, BC (Nearby: Bella Coola, Firvale, Tallheo, South Bentinck, Stuie)

  • Burnt Bridge Creek
  • Hagensborg
  • John Buchan Island
  • Noomst Creek
  • Noomst Creek
  • Nusatsum River
  • Stupendous Mountain

1511 Sawmill Rd
Hagensborg, British Columbia
V0T 1H0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Description From Owner:
  • According to the local Indians, the bridge was accidentally set on fire by a white man fearful of bears, who lit a fire at either end of the bridge before camping overnight at the centre. (See Ulkatcho Stories of the Grease Trail.)
  • Hagensborg - Hagen B. Christenson, first postmaster here, writing in 1906 to James White, Chief Geographer, explained the name thus:
  • 'The Hagensborg P.O. was established in 1900, and is situated on the Bella Coola River 10 miles up the valley. To my first name, Hagen, was added 'Borg,' which means in Norwegian a fortified place where chiefs used to live.'
  • John Buchan Island - After John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor-General of Canada 1935-40 (see Tweedsmuir Park).
  • The Carrier Indians knew this, the largest lake isle in British Columbia, as 'Ukwe-ses-né-re-thel-kréh-nu,' meaning 'the island where the black bear escapes us,' indicating that the island gives a bear space enough to elude pursuers.
  • Noomst Creek - The name of a Bella Coola village, which can be translated as 'place of crushed objects [berries].'
  • Nusatsum River - From the Bella Coola Indian word meaning 'place of old or large spring salmon.'
  • Stupendous Mountain - When it came to naming this mountain officially, somebody remembered Sir Alexander Mackenzie's description of it as he reached the end of his famous journey overland of 1793'.
  • 'Before us appeared a stupendous mountain, whose snow-clad summit was lost in the clouds.'
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Noomst CreekNusatsum River

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Hagensborg / Burnt Bridge Creek / John Buchan Island / Noomst Creek / Nusatsum River / Stupendous Mountain,

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  • Mount Walker

  • After T.A. (Tommy) Walker, big-game guide and author of Spatsizi.

  • Atnarko River

  • From a Chilcotin Indian word meaning ‘river of strangers’ (i.e., the Indians from the Coast).

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