Hartley Bay / Caamano Sound / Campania Island / Cridge Passage / Emily Carr Inlet / Gil Island / Gribbell Island

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Haryley Bay, BC (Nearby: Hartley Bay, Weewanie, Kitamaat Village, Haisla, Kitimat)

  • Caamano Sound
  • Caamano Sound
  • Campania Island
  • Cridge Passage
  • Emily Carr Inlet
  • Gil Island
  • Gribbell Island

Haryley Bay, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

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  • After Jacinto Caamano, commander of the Spanish corvette Aranzazu, which was in these waters in 1792.
  • Named by Caamano in 1792. In classical times a large area in southern Italy was called Campania.
  • Emily Carr Inlet - After the Victoria eccentric (1871-1945) who, at her best, painted with genius BC landscapes and Indian scenes.
  • Gil Island - Named by Caamano in 1792. There is no record as to what Gil he intended to honour, but Walbran notes that a Juan Gil was ensign bearer on the Duke of Medina-Sidonia's flagship when the Spanish Armada sailed for England.
  • Gribbell Island - Named in 1867 by Lieutenant (later Captain) D. Pender, RN, after his brother-in-law, the Reverend Francis B. Gribbell.
  • Gribbell lived in Victoria from 1865 to 1875, serving first as rector of St. John's, Victoria, then of St. Paul's, Esquimalt, and finally as principal of the Collegiate School, Victoria.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Cridge PassageEmily Carr Inlet

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Hartley Bay / Caamano Sound / Campania Island / Cridge Passage / Emily Carr Inlet / Gil Island / Gribbell Island,

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  • Hawkesbury Island

  • Named by Vancouver after Sir Charles Jenkinson, Baron Hawkesbury, Earl of Liverpool, President of the Board of Trade 1786-1804.

  • After Charles Horetzky (18391900), engineer, explorer, and author. Horetzky played an important part in the early surveys for the CPR between 1872 and 1880. He himself surveyed a northern route, which he fiercely championed, by way of the Peace River to Port Simpson, a short distance north of the modern Prince Rupert. Horetzky explored this creek in 1876.

  • Kiltuish Inlet

  • From the Haisla Indian word meaning 'long and narrow stretch of water leading outward.'

  • Kikiata Inlet

  • From the Coast Tsimshian Indian word meaning 'people of the poles,' referring to the ceremonial staffs borne by chiefs.

  • Otter Channel

  • After the Otter, the second steamboat operated on this coast by the 11 BC (the Beaver was the first). She arrived at Fort Victoria in June 1853 and was burned for her metal in 1890.

  • Pitt Island

  • Apparently takes its name from the Pitt Archipelago (no longer in the gazetteer), of which Captain Vancouver wrote, 'l named it after the Right Hon. William Pitt, Pitt's Archipelago.'

  • Siffleur Lake

  • The siffleur is the marmot.

  • Tahtsa Lake

  • According to Father Morice, this Carrier Indian name means 'water far off.'

  • Tolmie Channel

  • TOLMIE CHANNEL by Princess Royal Island is also named after Dr. Tolmie.(see Mount Tolmie)

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