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Heffley Creek / Dairy Creek / Jamieson Creek / Knouff Creek / Mount Lolo / Mount Tod

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Kamloops, BC (Nearby: Heffley Creek, Rayleigh, Vinsulla, Black Pines, Westsyde)

  • Dairy Creek
  • Dairy Creek
  • Heffley Creek
  • Jamieson Creek
  • Jamieson Creek
  • Knouff Creek
  • Knouff Creek
  • Mount Lolo
  • Mount Tod

506 Tod Mountain Rd
Kamloops, British Columbia
V0E 1Z0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • Dairy Creek takes its name from the dairy farm established here by the HBC. The company received a free grant of the land in 1869.
  • Heffley Creek - After Adam P. Heffley, a pioneer rancher who died in 1871.
  • In 1862, Heffley, an enterprising American, with Henry Ingram and Frank Laumeister, brought in some twenty camels from California and unsuccessfully attempted to use them to pack supplies to the Cariboo goldfields. The camels terrified the horses.
  • Jamieson Creek - After James Jamieson, sawmill operator, who pre-empted land here in August 1871.
  • Knouff Creek - After James Vincent Knouff, a former packer on the Cariboo Road who settled in the area in the 1860s. In 1871 the photographer Baltzly noted that Knouffs was the last farm as one travelled up the North Thompson River valley.
  • Mount Lolo - After Jean Baptiste Lolo (1798-1868), possibly of mixed Iroquois and French-Canadian descent.
  • He had a great admiration for St. Paul and hence, while at Fort Fraser, picked up the nickname of St. Paul, which stayed with him for the rest of his life.
  • Later he moved to Kamloops, where he achieved such influence among the Shuswaps as to be accounted a chief. In 'Four Years in British Columbia and Vancouver Island', Commander Mayne has left the following account of his meeting with him at Kamloops in 18
  • 'In the centre room, lying at length upon a mattrass stretched upon the floor, was the chief of the Shuswap Indians. His face was a very fine one, although sickness and pain had worn it away terribly.
  • His eyes were black, piercing, and restless; his cheek-bones high, and the lips, naturally thin and close, had that white, compressed look which tells so surely of constant suffering' (p. 119).
  • To Mayne's amazement the ailing Lolo insisted on rising from his bed of sickness, mounting his horse, and accompanying him and an HBC man on their ride to the top of the nearby mountain, 'which we christened Mount St. Paul [today's Paul Peak],
  • in honour of the old chief.' (See Paul Lake.)
  • Mount Tod - Site of a ski resort now called Sun Peaks. Mount Tod is the name of the height of land and Sun Peaks is the name of the community.
  • (It is understandable why the developers wished a change of name --- 'Tod' in German means 'death,' and they would be catering to German tourists.)
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Jamieson CreekKnouff Creek

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Heffley Creek / Dairy Creek / Jamieson Creek / Knouff Creek / Mount Lolo / Mount Tod,

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