McLeod Lake / Carp Lake / Hammett Creek / Iroqouis Creek / McDougall River / McIntyre Lake / Nation River / Wrede Creek

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McLeod Lake, BC (Nearby: Mackenzie, Azu Ski Village, Anzac, Bear Lake, Lemoray)

  • Carp Lake
  • Hammett Creek
  • Iroqouis Creek
  • Iroqouis Creek
  • McDougall River
  • McIntyre Lake
  • McLeod Lake
  • Nation River
  • Wrede Creek

47265 Hart Hwy GD
McLeod Lake, British Columbia
V0J 2G0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

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  • Simon Fraser makes mention in his journal, in June 1806, of Carp Lake, 'where there are immense numbers of fish of the Carp kind.'
  • Hammett Creek - After Tommy Hammett, long the HBC trader at McLeod Lake. Since company policy would not permit him to accept the cheques tendered by surveyors who came to his post for much-needed provisions, Hammett would put up the money himself.
  • Iroqouis Creek - A number of Iroquois came west to British Columbia with the early fur traders as servants and as trappers.
  • At one time there was a little Iroquois settlement in the Jasper area.
  • This creek gets its name from the fact that an Iroquois, his wife, and two children were murdered here by two Carrier Indians who had warned him that he was poaching on their beaver territory.
  • McIntyre Lake - This McIntyre, after working for the HBC, set up his own store at Fort McLeod.
  • His backer is said to have been a wealthy American woman whose scruples kept her from taking money made from the trapping of animals. This suited McIntyre fine, and he pocketed the profits that the store made from buying furs.
  • McLeod Lake - This is the Trout Lake where Simon Fraser established a post in 1805. Soon both the lake and the fort were renamed in honour of Archibald Norman McLeod, one of the most energetic officers of the NWC.
  • Nation River - Simon Fraser, recording his ascent of the Parsnip River, noted on 1 June 1806,
  • 'We came to an encampment about 2 miles below River au Nation.' The next day he noted that the river was so named because the 'Big Men' (Sekanis) who live up it belonged to a different nation from those living at Trout (McLeod) Lake.
  • Wrede Creek - Wrede was a prospector-trapper who vanished after heading up the Ingenika River in 1896 after leaving word that he would be back at Fort Graham in about five months.
  • In 1898 his remains were found in his home camp, with a pair of homemade crutches nearby. He had cut himself badly with an axe.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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McLeod Lake / Carp Lake / Hammett Creek / Iroqouis Creek / McDougall River / McIntyre Lake / Nation River / Wrede Creek,

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