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Minstrel Island / Call Inlet / Cracroft Islands / Devereux Creek / Echo Bay Marine Park / Franklin River / Kwalate Pt.

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Minstrel Island, BC (Nearby: Cracroft, Matilpi, Scott Cove, Echo Bay, Simoom Sound)

  • Call Inlet
  • Cracroft Islands
  • Cracroft Islands
  • Devereux Creek
  • Echo Bay Marine Park
  • Franklin River
  • Kwalate Point
  • Minstrel Island

Main St.
Minstrel Island, British Columbia
V0P 1L0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • After Sir John Call (1732-1801), engineer-in-chief under Clive of India.
  • The Cracroft Islands and nearby Sophia Island are named after Sophia Cracroft, niece of the ill-fated Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. With Lady Franklin she visited British Columbia in 1861.
  • Devereux Creek - For F.A. Devereux, the surveyor who in 1895 tried to find a practicable route inland from the head of Knight Inlet.
  • Echo Bay Marine Park - Echo Bay was originally Echo Cove, so named because of reverberations of sound from the cliff on one side of the bay.
  • Franklin River - After Benjamin Franklin, a rancher who explored a Klinaklini route from Tatla Lake to Knight Inlet in 1892, hoping to find a way of driving his cattle down to the coast.
  • Kwalate Point - From the Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'place of the [edible] salmon-berry sprout.'
  • Minstrel Island - Local tradition has it that a 'minstrel boat' arrived here when a survey crew was working in the area.
  • That boat was almost certainly HMS Amethyst, which in 1876 took the Governor-General (Lord Dufferin) and his lady on a cruise upcoast to Metlakatla.
  • A member of her crew (Patrick Riley, Memories of a Bluejacket, p. 87) mentions that Amethyst had an amateur troupe of 'nigger minstrels'
  • these entertainers were generally white and made up with black faces who provided entertainment for their shipmates and, presumably, any visitors, so it seems highly probable that Minstrel Island commemorates a performance in these waters.
  • Nearby are Bones Bay and Sambo Point. Both 'Mr. Bones' and 'Sambo' were stock characters in the minstrel shows that were so popular in the late nineteenth century.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Franklin RiverKwalate Point

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Minstrel Island / Call Inlet / Cracroft Islands / Devereux Creek / Echo Bay Marine Park / Franklin River / Kwalate Pt.,

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  • Gilford Island

  • After Richard James Meade, Lord Gilford (or Gillford), who commanded HMS Tribune when she was on this coast in 1864-5. A few years later, he married the first daughter of Sir Arthur Kennedy, who had been Governor of Vancouver Island at the time of Lord Gilford's visit. In 1879 Gilford became Earl of Clanwilliam. He retired from the Royal Navy in 1902 with the rank of Admiral of the Fleet and died in 1907.

  • Havannah Channel

  • After HMS Havannah, which in 1858 brought to British Columbia some seventy Royal Engineers to work on surveying the international boundary from the Pacific to the Rockies.

  • Knight Inlet

  • Captain Vancouver noted that in July 1792: 'To this [arm] after Captain Knight of the navy, Mr. Broughton gave the name of KNIGHT'S CHANNEL. The shores of it, like most of those lately surveyed, are formed by high stupendous mountains rising almost perpendicularly from the water's edge.' During the American Revolution, Captain Knight (later Admiral Sir John Knight, 1748-1831) was a fellow prisoner with Broughton, who commanded Vancouver's second ship, the tender Chatham.

  • Mamaliliculla First Nation

  • This beautifully situated Indian village, deserted since its people moved to Alert Bay, bears the euphonious name of the Indian band that held second place among the Kwakiutl. Only the Fort Rupert band outranked them. One possible translation for mamaliliculla is 'seem to be swimming.'

  • Port Hardy

  • After Captain Harvey of HMS Havannah. Naming this inlet, Captain Richards noted that Harvey 'never lost an opportunity of adding to our hydrographical knowledge.'

  • Simoon Sound

  • Named in 1863-4 when Rear-Admiral John Kingcome commanded the Pacific Station. Back in 1853 he had commanded the troopship Simoon.

  • Turnour Island

  • After Captain Nicholas E.B. Turnour, commanding HMS Clio, on the Pacific Station 1864-8.

  • Wahkash Creek

  • A Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'good water' or 'nice river.'

  • Ahnuhati River

  • A Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'where the humpback [pink] salmon go up.'

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