Nemaiah Valley / Chilko River / Dawn Treader Mountain / Elkin Lake / Fishem Lake / Lastman Lake / Lord River

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Hanceville, BC (Nearby: Nemaiah Valley, Xeni, Tatlayoko Lake, Chilanko Forks, Tŝi Deldel)

  • Chilko River
  • Dawn Treader Mountain
  • Elkin Lake
  • Fishem Lake
  • Lastman Lake
  • Liberated Group
  • Liberated Group
  • Lord River
  • Nemaiah Valley

6550 BC-20
Hanceville, British Columbia
V0L 1K0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

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  • Chilko River - from a Chilcotin Indian word meaning 'ochre river.' (See Chilcotin River.)
  • Dawn Treader Mountain named after the boat in C.S. Lewis's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
  • Elkin Lake - After Ed Elkins, an Englishman who in 1890 became the first white settler in the Nemaia Valley, operating a trading post with his Indian wife. He left about 1900 after his brother, who had a post north of Tatlayoko Lake,
  • was murdered by an Indian.
  • Fishem Lake - Obviously good fishing here. The Chilcotin Indian name is Nach'eznadinlin, meaning 'river going off into lake.' A very short river empties Fishem Lake into Upper Taseko Lake.
  • Lastman Lake - Chilcotin Indians raided the camp here of a party of Shuswaps from Soda Creek, killing all but one man.
  • The survivor escaped and got home. Subsequently a revenge party from Soda Creek caught up with the Chilcotins at Kleena Kleene and inflicted casualties before returning to Soda Creek.
  • Liberated Group - So named after the women's liberation movement. Mountains in this group are named after notable women such as Agnes Macphail, Nellie McClung, and Charlotte Whitton.
  • Lord River - Lord was the maiden name of Mrs. J.D. Mackenzie, who accompanied her husband into this area in 1920.
  • Nemaia(h) Valley - This fine valley is named after a Chilcotin Indian, possibly a chief who left Redstone village and, with a small band, settled in this valley.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Nemaiah Valley / Chilko River / Dawn Treader Mountain / Elkin Lake / Fishem Lake / Lastman Lake / Lord River,

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  • Potato Range

  • So called because of the abundance here of the 'Indian potato,' the pale round corm attached to roots of Claytonia Lanceolata or Spring Beauty, eaten by Indians (and grizzly bears).

  • Tickletoeteaser Tower

  • A climbing party from the Alpine Club of Canada playfully named peaks in the Capital Group of mountains after various persons and places named in the nonsense poem 'A Capital Ship for an Ocean Trip.' Two of the lines in it run: 'And pink and blue was the pleasing hue / Of the tickle-toe-teaser's claws.'

  • Tsuniah Lake

  • Based on a Chilcotin Indian name meaning 'spruce trees standing in a row.'

  • Beece Creek

  • ). Beece is the Chilcotin Indian word for obsidian, a sharp black stone much prized for making arrowheads.

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