Parson / Mount Drysdale / Mount Duchesney / Foster Peak / Mount Goodsir / Mount Gray / Mount Haffner / Harrogate

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Parson, BC (Nearby: Castledale, Harrogate, Spillimacheen, Nicholson, Field)

  • Mount Drysdale
  • Mount Duchesney
  • Foster Peak
  • Mount Goodsir
  • Mount Gray
  • Mount Haffner
  • Harrogate
  • Parson

3392 Hwy 95 South
Parson, British Columbia
V0A 1L0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Kootenay Rockies

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  • After Dr. Charles W. Drysdale, an outstanding young geologist who, with his assistant, William Gray, drowned in the Kootenay River in 1917 while working for the Geological Survey of Canada.
  • Mount Duchesney - After E.J. Duchesnay, CE, assistant general superintendent of the Pacific Division of the CPR, killed by a rockfall in a tunnel near Spuzzum in 1901.
  • Foster Peak - After Colonel (later Major-General) W.W. Foster.
  • Mount Goodsir - Named in 1858 by Dr. Hector after his former teacher John Goodsir (1814-67), Professor of Anatomy at Edinburgh University.
  • Mount Gray - After William J. (Billy) Gray, a UBC student who drowned in 1917 in the Kootenay River during a summer geological survey.
  • A founding member of the BC Mountaineering Club, and at one time its president, Gray also has GRAY PASS in Garibaldi Park named after him.
  • Mount Haffner - After Lieutenant Henry John Haffner, CE (1880-1916). He made the first survey of the Banff-Windermere road and was an engineer during its early construction.
  • In World War I, he gave splendid service with the 8th Field Company of the Canadian Engineers until killed by a sniper.
  • Harrogate - After the fashionable resort in Yorkshire.
  • Parson - After Henry George Parson, Golden merchant, MLA, 1909.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Parson / Mount Drysdale / Mount Duchesney / Foster Peak / Mount Goodsir / Mount Gray / Mount Haffner / Harrogate,

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  • Ice River

  • A translation of the Stoney Indian name for this glacier-fed stream, 'Washmawapta' (literally 'deep snow river').

  • Ice River

  • Numa Mountain

  • This is the Kootenay Indian word for both 'thunder' and 'lightning.'

  • Mount Whymper

  • Edward Whymper, the famous alpinist who in 1865 led the first party to ascend the Matterhorn, was also, in 1901, the first man to climb this mountain.

  • Witch Tower

  • This shoulder of Mount Fox is remarkable for its fantastic rock shapes. To quote the vivid description ot A.O. Wheeler, 'The configuration suggests a number of hideous old giant beldames leaning from the parapet of a rock-tower and scattering vituperation broadcast over the earth.'

  • Wiwaxy Peaks

  • This name is derived from the Stoney Indian language. Its exact meaning is not clear, but it has been said to mean 'windy.'

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