Refuge Cove / Homfray Channel / Redonda Islands / Tahumming River / Toba Inlet

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Squirrel Cove, BC (Nearby: Refuge Cove, Teakerne Arm, Seaford, Bliss Landing, Cortes Bay)

  • Homfray Channel
  • Redonda Islands
  • Tahumming River
  • Toba Inlet

1611 Forrest Rd
Squirrel Cove, British Columbia
V0P 1T0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

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  • Homfray Channel - After Robert Homfray, CE (1824-1902), a native of Worcestershire who arrived in Victoria from California in 1859.
  • He was a very competent civil engineer and worked for a while on the CPR surveys. He was also an eccentric and, while still alive, had his tombstone erected in Ross Bay cemetery, Victoria.
  • Redonda Islands - Redonda is Spanish for ‘round.' West Redonda Island and East Redonda Island (mistaken for a single island) were named Redonda Island by Galiano and Valdes in 1792.
  • Tahumming River - Named after an old village site on its banks that had a Mainland Comox Indian name meaning 'slide place.'
  • Here it was possible to place a dugout canoe on the upper part of the beach and slide it down easily over the sand and mud into the water.
  • Toba Inlet - Originally named Canal de la Tabla by Galiano and Valdes, who found a strangely decorated Indian wooden tablet or plank here while exploring in 1792.
  • In 1795 the name was changed to Toba, apparently in honour of Antonio Toba Arredondo, the only officer with Malaspina in 1791 who had not had a place named after him.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Toba Inlet

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Refuge Cove / Homfray Channel / Redonda Islands / Tahumming River / Toba Inlet,

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