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Victoria, BC (Nearby: Sevenoaks, Saanich, Lake Hill, Royal Oak, Marigold)

99-69 Burnside Rd W
Victoria, British Columbia
V9A 1B6

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British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

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Nearby Lakes and Mountains:
  • Swan Lake, 1km
  • Blenkinsop Lake, 2km
  • Mount Douglas, 4km
  • Beaver Lake, 5km
  • Goodacre Lake, 6km
  • Mount Tolmie, 4km
  • Elk Lake, 7km
  • Prospect Lake, 7km
  • Maltby Lake, 6km
  • Prior Lake, 6km
  • Thetis Lake, 6km
  • Pike Lake, 7km
  • Eagles Lake, 8km
  • Killarney Lake, 9km
  • McKenzie Lake, 7km
  • Colwood Lake, 8km
  • Fizzle Lake, 9km
  • Fork Lake, 9km
  • Mount Work, 10km
  • Quarry Lake, 12km
  • Durrance Lake, 11km
  • Teanook Lake, 10km
  • Mitchell Lake, 10km
  • Florence Lake, 10km
  • Second Lake, 11km
  • Matson Lake, 10km
  • Third Lake, 11km
  • Pease Lake, 12km
  • Glen Lake, 11km
  • Miniskirt, 10km
  • Langford Lake, 11km
  • Skirt Mountain, 11km
  • Holmes Peak, 12km
  • Mount Finlayson, 12km
  • Mount Newton, 17km
  • Metchosin Mountain, 13km
  • Centre Mountain, 13km
  • Mount Wells, 13km
  • Mount McDonald, 14km
  • Wrigglesworth Lake, 15km
  • Mount Helmcken, 16km
  • Mount Blinkhorn, 16km
  • Mount Jeffrey, 18km
  • Blinkhorn Lake, 17km
  • Mount Braden, 16km
  • Spectacle Lake, 19km
  • Devereux Lake, 18km
  • Oliphant Lake, 20km
  • Redflag Mountain, 19km
  • Mount Ash, 19km