Southbank / Captain Harry Lake / Chelaslie Arm / Cheslatta Lake / Chicamin Range / Euchu Reach ~ Lake / Kidprice Lake

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Southbank, BC (Nearby: François Lake, Danskin, Tchesinkut Lake, Grassy Plains, Takysie Lake)

  • Captain Harry Lake
  • Chelaslie Arm
  • Cheslatta Lake
  • Chicamin Range
  • Euchu Reach / Lake
  • Kidprice Lake

Uncha Lake Rd
Southbank, British Columbia
V0J 2P0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • 'Captain Harry ' - In remote Indian villages, the 'captain' is the religious assistant who serves in the place of the priest, who can make a visit only once or twice a year.
  • When Chess Lyons passed through this country in 1941, he found Captain Harry the Indian with whom one dealt on the Algacho reserve.
  • Chelaslie Arm - from the Carrier Indian language. Probably means 'lake surrounded by timber.'
  • Euchu Reach / Lake - This Carrier Indian name means 'first lake.'
  • Cheslatta Lake - from the Carrier Indian word meaning either 'top of small mountain' or 'small rock mountain at east side.'
  • Chikamin is Chinook jargon for money or silver. Presumably the name was given because of mineral wealth sought in the area, or maybe because of the glittering appearance of the snow-capped mountains.
  • Kidprice Lake - After 'Kid' Price, an early prospector. He died in Victoria in 1958, aged about 100.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Southbank / Captain Harry Lake / Chelaslie Arm / Cheslatta Lake / Chicamin Range / Euchu Reach ~ Lake / Kidprice Lake,

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  • Knewstubb Lake

  • After Frederick W. Knewstubb, who, as a hydraulic engineer with the provincial government's Water Rights Branch, spent about twenty years investigating the water resources of British Columbia. His was the original concept of diverting water from the Nechako headwaters westward through the Coast Mountains to generate massive blocks of electric power. Very properly, when the Kenney Dam was built, the lake behind it was given Knewstubb's name.

  • Knewstubb Lake

  • Lindquist Lake

  • After Charles Lindquist, the Swedish trapper and expert canoeman who was the first to penetrate to here.

  • Nadina River

  • From the Carrier Indian word meaning 'a log thrown across a creek to serve as a bridge.'

  • Natalkuz Lake

  • From a Carrier Indian word possibly meaning 'narrow crossing between two lakes.'

  • Ootsa Lake

  • From a Carrier Indian word pronounced 'yoot-soo,' meaning 'very low down' or 'way down toward the water.' Father Morice named this lake after H.J. Cambie, who travelled this way in 1876 (see Cambie), but the name was not accepted in Victoria.

  • Shelford Hills

  • After two brothers from England, Arthur and Jack Shelford, who settled in the area about 1909. In the next generation, Cyril Shelford became a provincial cabinet minister.

  • Skins Lake

  • After Skin Tyee, the chief of the little Indian community that once lived here.

  • Troitsa Lake

  • After a village on the Dvina River, Latvia.

  • Uncha Lake

  • From the Carrier Indian word meaning fit is vast.' Father Morice commented that this 'must have been the seat of a large population in olden times, if we are to judge from the trails made by the moccasined feet of Indians.'

  • Whitesail Lake

  • This is a translation of the Indian word for the whitecaps blown up on the lake by the strong westerly winds.

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