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Spences Bridge / Dot / Pimainus Creek / Pukaist Creek / Shaw Spring / Skwaha Lake / Spaist Mountain / Venables Valley

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Spences Bridge, BC (Nearby: Spatsum, Clapperton, Agate, Lytton, Ashcroft)

  • Dot
  • Pimainus Creek
  • Pimainus Creek
  • Pukaist Creek
  • Shaw Spring
  • Skwaha Lake
  • Spaist Mountain
  • Spences Bridge
  • Venables Valley

3705 Riverview Ave
Spences Bridge, British Columbia
V0K 2L0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • Dot - This little station was given the nickname of Dalton P. Marpole, who owned land nearby. This Marpole was the son of Richard Marpole, formerly BC general superintendent of the CPR.
  • Pimainus Creek - From the Thompson Indian word meaning 'the flat underneath or near a steep rise.' A flat stretch of land along the Thompson River here is hemmed in by hills.
  • Pukaist Creek - From the Thompson Indian word for 'white rock.'
  • Shaw Spring - Named in 1930 when W.H. Shaw applied for and received the water rights to this spring.
  • Skwaha Lake - The name of this lake and the nearby ecological reserve comes from the Thompson Indian language. Meaning not certain but may pertain to black Spanish moss.
  • Spaist Mountain - From the Thompson Indian word that means 'burnt.'
  • Spences Bridge - This settlement was originally known as Cook's Ferry, since a ferry was operated here by Mortimer Cook between 1862 and 1865.
  • The ferry was replaced in the latter year by a toll bridge built under government contract by Thomas Spence.
  • Venables Valley - After Captain Cavendish Venables, formerly of the 74th Highlanders, who secured a military land grant in the area around 1861.
  • An alcoholic, he habitually wore a greasy army blue coat with tarnished gold braid and a matching cap. Neighbours derisively called his estate 'Mount Freeze Out' since its altitude exposed it to frequent frosts.
  • A visitor found him sitting down with his solitary Indian helper to a meal consisting of a soup plate full of radishes, a little salt, and a bowl of whisky.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Pimainus CreekPukaist CreekShaw Spring

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Spences Bridge / Dot / Pimainus Creek / Pukaist Creek / Shaw Spring / Skwaha Lake / Spaist Mountain / Venables Valley,

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