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Sproat Lake

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Port Alberni, BC (Nearby: Sproat Lake, Kleecoot, Beaver Creek, Great Central, Alberni)

  • Sproat Lake

3717 10th Ave N
Port Alberni, British Columbia
V9Y 4W0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • Sproat Lake - This lake was known by its anglicized Nootka Indian name of Kleecoot until 1864, when Dr. Robert Brown renamed it in honour of Gilbert Malcolm Sproat (1834-1913).
  • Sproat had arrived from England in 1860 with men and equipment to establish a sawmill at the head of Alberni Canal.
  • An amateur anthropologist, he became keenly interested in the life of the Native population of Vancouver Island, publishing in 1868 his Scenes and Studies of Savage Life.
  • Sproat returned to England in 1865, and in 1873 he became British Columbia's first agent-general in London. Returning to British Columbia about 1876, he was appointed to the Indian Land Commission.
  • From 1885 to 1890, 'Judge' Sproat was gold commissioner for the West Kootenay district.
  • With his friend Farwell (see Revelstoke), he was active in the real estate business after his retirement from government service. He spent his final years in Victoria. MOUNT SPROAT on Upper Arrow Lake is also named after him.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Sproat Lake,

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