Takla Landing / Mount Coccola / Hogem Ranges / Mitchell Range / Sikanni Range / Takla Lake / Taku River / Vital Range

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Takla Landing, BC (Nearby: West Landing, Bulkley House, Old Fort, Leo Creek, Old Hogem)

  • Mount Coccola
  • Hogem Ranges
  • Mitchell Range
  • Sikanni Range
  • Takla Lake
  • Taku River
  • Vital Range

Takla Landing, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • Mount Coccola - After the fiery Corsican priest Father Nicholas Coccola, OMI, who from 1880 until his retirement in 1934
  • laboured in the mission field in British Columbia, first in the Kamloops area, then in East Kootenay, and finally in the region of Fort St. James. He died in 1943.
  • Hogem Ranges - 'Hogem' (hog them) is a BC provincialism, going back to the gold rush days, used for a trader who exploited a monopoly by charging outrageous prices.
  • By extension a post where exorbitant prices were charged became known as a 'hogem' post.
  • Mitchell Range - After William Roland Mitchell, travelling companion of Captain Arthur Brisco when the latter participated in Palliser's explorations during 1858-9.
  • Mitchell was disappointed to find Palliser's program left little time for shooting expeditions.
  • Sikanni Range - According to Father Morice, the forebears of the Sikanni people originally lived on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains but were gradually forced westward into the recesses of the Rockies by their enemies,
  • the Beaver Indians, who had acquired firearms from the fur traders. Their name, Sikanni, means 'people on the rocks' that is, the Rocky Mountains.
  • Takla Lake - This name is said to be a poor approximation of the Carrier Indian name for an early trading post near the northern end of the lake.
  • This name means 'at the end of the lake,' similar to the French-Canadian fond-du-lac.
  • Taku River - May be from the Tlingit Indian word for 'goose,' one informant expanding the meaning to 'place where the geese sit down.'
  • Vital Range - After Vital La Force, who prospected here with his partner, Michael Burns, in 1868-9, triggering the Omineca gold rush.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Mitchell RangeTaku RiverVital Range

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Takla Landing / Mount Coccola / Hogem Ranges / Mitchell Range / Sikanni Range / Takla Lake / Taku River / Vital Range,

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  • Yuen Lake

  • Named in 1914 by Frank Swannell, the noted surveyor, after Nep Yuen, the Chinese cook with his party. Yuen had originally come to Canada as one of the hundreds of Chinese coolies imported to build the CPR. Close to Yuen Lake is Nep Peak.

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