Tatlayoko Lake / Dais Glacier / Klattasine Creek / Miette Pass / Niut Range

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Tatlayoko Lake, BC (Nearby: Tatla Lake, Kleena Kleene, Chilanko Forks, Xeni, Nemaiah Valley)

  • Dais Glacier
  • Klattasine Creek
  • Miette Pass
  • Miette Pass
  • Niut Range

Tatlayoko Lake, British Columbia
V0L 1W0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Description From Owner:
  • This is the 'platform' from which Mount Waddington rises. An example of the romantic names that Don Munday sprinkled around the area, to the amusement of his fellow alpinists.
  • Others are Dauntless Mtn., Vigilant Mtn., and Combatant Mtn.
  • Klattasine Creek - In 1864 occurred the 'Chilcotin Massacre,' when fourteen men, building Waddington's road north from Bute Inlet, were murdered by Chilcotin Indians.
  • After a bungled search for the guilty Indians, a search that lasted months and covered a very large area, the hunted men surrendered.
  • Five of them, including Chief Klatsassin (or Klattasine), were tried and hanged. After the trial, Judge Begbie wrote, 'Klatsassin is the finest savage I have met with yet, I think.'
  • Miette Pass - Named after Baptiste Miette, a voyageur in the service of the NWC. He is remembered chiefly for his ascent of Roche Miette near the eastern entry of Jasper Park in Alberta.
  • Walter Moberly recounted the story late in the nineteenth century in The Rocks and Rivers of British Columbia: 'One day, seized with a desire to get to the top of the rock, he, after a most difficult and dangerous climb, succeeded.
  • The venturesome Miette then sat on the edge of the cliff, dangling his legs over it and smoked a pipe, enjoying the fine view his elevated station afforded; and from that day it has been known as 'La Roche å Miette' by the Indian and half-breed hunters'
  • P.88
  • Niut Range - According to a Chilcotin Indian legend, Niut Mountain was the wife of Mount Tsoloss (which unfortunately has been renamed Mount Tatlow after a BC politician).
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Dais Glacier Klattasine CreekMiette Pass

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Tatlayoko Lake / Dais Glacier / Klattasine Creek / Miette Pass / Niut Range,

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