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Telegraph Creek / Chutine River / Mount Edziza / Glenora / Mount Helveker / Kennicott Lake / Klootchman Canyon

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Telegraph Creek, BC (Nearby: Tahltan, Glenora, Hiusta Meadow, Days Ranch, Saloon)

  • Chutine River
  • Mount Edziza
  • Glenora
  • Mount Helveker
  • Kennicott Lake
  • Klootchman Canyon
  • Telegraph Creek

5 Sawtooth Rd
Telegraph Creek, British Columbia
V0J 2W0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • Chutine is an Indian word meaning 'half-people' (i.e., the population in the area was half-Tlingit and half Tahltan).
  • Mount Edziza - This peak is named after the Edzertza family, a well-known Indian family living in the area.
  • Glenora - This name is said to have been compounded from the Gaelic glen ('valley') and the Spanish oro ('gold'), producing 'The Valley of Gold.' Glenora became important during the Cassiar gold excitement of the 1870s.
  • Mount Helveker / A thinly disguised naming for Helen Vicars Kerr, by her husband, Forrest A. Kerr, who mapped this area.
  • Kennicott Lake - After Robert Kennicott, at one time curator of the Museum of Natural History at Northwestern University. Around 1860-1 he collected natural history specimens in the Arctic for the Smithsonian Institution.
  • Persuaded to join the Collins Overland Telegraph project, and to take charge of exploration in Yukon and Alaska, he found the responsibilities extremely heavy and died of a heart attack in Alaska in 1866.
  • Klootchman Canyon - This is the Chinook jargon word for a woman or a wife. An early writer noted that in this canyon the Indian men laid down their paddles and let the women take complete charge of navigation.
  • Telegraph Creek - Named in 1866-7 when the Collins Overland Telegraph to Asia was expected to cross the Stikine River at this point. The project was abandoned because of the success of the trans-Atlantic cable.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Telegraph Creek / Chutine River / Mount Edziza / Glenora / Mount Helveker / Kennicott Lake / Klootchman Canyon,

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  • Missusjay Creek

  • Flowing into Missusjay Creek is Misterjay Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Jay kept a roadhouse on the Stikine River.

  • Missusjay Creek

  • Stikine River

  • From a Tlingit Indian word meaning 'the river,' in the sense of 'the great river.' In the face of Russian expansion in Alaska and the discovery of gold in the area, the Stickeen Territories were established under British sovereignty in 1862 and incorporated into British Columbia in 1863.

  • Stikine River

  • Rivière Tahltan

  • Named after the Tahltan Indians, whose name can be translated as 'something heavy in the water.' The Indian story behind this naming is as follows: during a salmon run, two women stood on opposite banks of the Tahltan River. One asked the other what she saw on the surface of the water. The other replied, 'Something heavy is going up the little water,' referring to the ascending salmon working their way up through the rapids of a smaller stream.

  • Tuya River

  • Takes its name from Tuya Lake near its headwaters. Tuyas, flat-topped and steep-sided extinct volcanoes, are found west of Tuya Lake.

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