Winter Harbour / Commerall Point / Forward Inlet / Hansen Bay / Koskimo Bay / Macjack River / Palmerston Beach

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Holberg, BC (Nearby: Winter Harbour, Elephant Crossing, Mahatta River, Shushartie, Quatsino)

  • Commerall Point
  • Commerall Point
  • Forward Inlet
  • Hansen Bay
  • Koskimo Bay
  • Macjack River
  • Palmerston Beach
  • Winter Harbour

1 Sea View Dr
Holberg, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

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  • In 1862 Captain G.H. Richards gave the most northerly tip of Vancouver Island the name of Cape Commerell, after Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Edmund Commerell, GCB, vc.
  • In 1905 the Geographic Board of Canada restored to this promontory the earlier name, Sutil Point, given to it by the Spaniards in 1792, and made the southern tip of Raft Cove Commerell Point.
  • Forward Inlet - After the Royal Navy's little gunboat Forward, two guns, 233 tons, which did sterling service in BC waters from 1860 to 1869.
  • Hansen Bay - After Rasmus Hansen, who landed here in 1895 with another Danish fisherman named Jensen and discovered many acres of fertile meadow lying inland.
  • The ultimate consequence was the establishment by Hansen and Jensen of the Danish settlement, long since abandoned, in the Cape Scott area.
  • Koskimo Bay - Anthropologist Wilson Duff translated this name as 'people of Kosaa,' who took their name from a place on the north coast of Vancouver Island at the mouth of Stranby River, where they had lived in earlier times.
  • Macjack River - A name derived from the Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'near behind.' The river approaches the sea behind a long, fairly high point of beautiful sand that has been formed parallel to the seashore.
  • Palmerston Beach - After Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865), Prime Minister of Great Britain.
  • Winter Harbour - Winter Harbour and Forward Inlet provide the first haven for ships putting into Quatsino Sound for shelter from storms raging in the open Pacific. Such storms are, of course, most frequent during the winter.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Commerall PointForward InletHansen BayPalmerston Beach

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Winter Harbour / Commerall Point / Forward Inlet / Hansen Bay / Koskimo Bay / Macjack River / Palmerston Beach,

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  • Quatsino Sound

  • From the Kwakwala Indian word that has been translated variously as (1) 'people of the north country,' (2) 'the downstream people,' or (3) 'people who live on the other side' (of the island). It all depends on where one is.

  • Cape Russell

  • After Lord John Russell, Prime Minister of Great Britain (1846-52), created Earl Russell in 1861.

  • Cape Scott

  • Apparently named in 1786 by James Strange during his trading voyage with the Captain Cook and Experiment. David Scott was the principal member of the Bombay syndicate that had backed Strange's expedition.

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