Prince George (City) / Hoodoo Lakes / Nadsilnich Lake / Norman Lake / Opatcho Lake / Tabor Lake

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Prince George, BC (Nearby: Island Cache, South Fort George, North Nechako, Charella Garden, College Heights)

  • Hoodoo Lakes
  • Nadsilnich Lake
  • Norman Lake
  • Opatcho Lake
  • Prince George
  • Tabor Lake
  • Prince George BC, late 1920s or 1930s.
  • South Fort George, early or mid 1910s.

1100 Patricia Blvd
Prince George, British Columbia
V2L 3V9

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

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  • Hoodoo Lakes - So named by Forin Campbell in 1910 when his survey of the area was dogged by misfortunes: men with cut feet, lack of horses, and early snowstorms that left them stranded here until November.
  • Nadsilnich Lake - Based on a Carrier Indian word possibly meaning 'swampy willow.'
  • Norman Lake - This and nearby Dahl Lake are named after two men who came to the area around 1908 over the old Telegraph Trail from Ashcroft.
  • Besides homesteading they trapped to eke out a living. An old-timer remembered them and the brides they brought with them into the wilderness 'the women were frightened and clung to each other.'
  • Opatcho Lake - After an Indian sleigh dog renowned for his strength. He could pull by himself a sleigh that would normally require a team.
  • Prince George - Originally Fort George. This fort was founded by Simon Fraser of the NWC in 1807 and named after King George Ill, the reigning sovereign.
  • The Carrier Indian name for this point at the junction of the Nechako and Fraser Rivers was 'Thle-et-leh,' meaning 'the confluence.'
  • In 1862 a visitor to Fort George described it as a 'dreary Hudson Bay Company's trading post, infested with dogs.'
  • In 1910 there was a real estate boom in expectation of the coming of the GTPR (now part of CNR). The construction of the railway led to a prolonged and complicated struggle among three competing townsites.
  • However, the GTP's own new townsite, Prince George, soon drew people away from rival Central Fort George and South Fort George.
  • When the first civic elections were held in 1915, the name of Prince George was chosen over Fort George by a vote of 153 to 13.
  • Tabor Lake - After Clement Tabor, the first landowner at the south end of the lake.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Prince George (City) / Hoodoo Lakes / Nadsilnich Lake / Norman Lake / Opatcho Lake / Tabor Lake, Phone : (250) 561-7600

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  • Mount Baldy Hughes

  • Named around 1928 by Forin Campbell when he set up a triangulation point on the mountain, at the base of which 'Baldy' Hughes, an old-time stage-driver turned trapper, had lived in a cabin since about 1915.

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