Clinton (Village) / Downing Park / Hihium Lake / Illahee Meadows / Maiden Creek / Scottie Creek / Soues Creek

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Clinton, BC (Nearby: Chasm, Kelly Lake, 70 Mile House, Loon Lake, Pavilion)

  • Downing Provincial Park
  • Hihium Lake
  • Illahee Meadows
  • Maiden Creek
  • Scottie Creek
  • Scottie Creek
  • Soues Creek

1423 Cariboo Highway
Clinton, British Columbia
V0K 1K0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Description From Owner:
  • Originally known as Cut-Off Valley or 47 Mile House. In 1863, upon completion of the Cariboo Road, it was given its present name in honour of Henry Pelham Clinton, fifth Duke of Newcastle (and Colonial Secretary from 1859 to 1864).
  • Downing Park - After Claire S. Downing, who in 1970 presented the people of British Columbia with ninety-seven acres of land, including 2,400 feet of frontage on Kelly Lake, to provide the nucleus for this park.
  • Hihium Lake - From a Shuswap Indian word meaning 'little big lake.'
  • Illahee Meadow - Chinook jargon meaning 'country, region, farm, or the place where one resides.'
  • Maiden Creek - Walter Moberly heard the following Indian legend from Sir James Douglas. Once an Indian maiden was betrothed to a young Indian chief, a great warrior and hunter.
  • During the winter he went away for a very long time on a hunting trip. His maiden waited anxiously for him since they were to be married that winter.
  • Spring came and the maiden sat, still watching for her lover, near the junction of this creek with the Bonaparte River. Finally she saw him approaching, but with him was a wife whom he had married when visiting a distant band.
  • The maiden died of grief, and her band buried her where she had kept her watch. From her breasts grew two little mounts, and they are the twin knolls seen today near the mouth of Maiden Creek.
  • Scottie Creek - After William (Scotty) Donaldson, who was conducting a rowdy two-room roadhouse on the Bonaparte River as early as October 1861.
  • An Orkneyman who wore his Scottish bonnet in all seasons, Scotty was a hard drinker.
  • Miners putting up overnight during the Cariboo gold rush were sometimes roused in the middle of the night by a hallucinating drunken Scotty, who, convinced that he was about to be robbed and murdered, would drive them out blanketless into the night.
  • In 1872 Scotty sold out and moved to the Okanagan.
  • Soues Creek - After Frederick Soues, at one time government agent at Clinton, who pre-empted land by the creek in 1869. Also MOUNT SOUES, north of Kelly Lake.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Maiden CreekScottie Creek

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Clinton (Village) / Downing Park / Hihium Lake / Illahee Meadows / Maiden Creek / Scottie Creek / Soues Creek, Phone : (250) 459-2261

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  • Vidette Lake

  • The French word vidette signifies an outpost or mounted sentry. The French-Canadian engagés of the fur-trading companies used the word for a man guarding the horses during an encampment.

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