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Lillooet (District) / Mount Carson / Cayoosh Creek / Gott Creek / Mount Martley / Shulaps Range / Yalakom River

Phone : (250) 256-4289
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Lillooet, BC (Nearby: Fountain, Fountain Valley, Pavilion, Shalalth, Moha)

  • Mount Carson
  • Cayoosh Creek
  • Gott Creek
  • Lillooet
  • Mount Martley
  • Shulaps Range
  • Yalakom River

615 Main Street
Lillooet, British Columbia
V0K 1V0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Description From Owner:
  • Mount Carson named after Robert Carson, a young Scot who worked as a packer during the Cariboo gold rush. In 1872 he took up land here and founded the Carson Ranch.
  • One of his sons, E.C. Carson, became provincial Minister of Public Works, while another, R.H. Carson, became Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Cayoosh Creek from a variant of cayuse, a word widely used to refer to an Indian pony. The story goes that one day an Indian from Mount Currie rode to Lillooet on horseback and that his horse dropped dead at what is now Cayoosh Creek.
  • Gott Creek - After Frank Gott, a Lillooet Indian, hunter, guide, rancher, and prospector. In World War I, he dyed his white hair so that he could serve overseas with the 102nd Battalion (North British Columbians).
  • Although an excellent sniper, he was returned to Canada as overaged in 1917. In October 1932, in the climax to a feud with a game warden, Gott shot him in the back when the warden sought to arrest him for having an untagged deer.
  • Pursuing wardens and police caught up with Gott finally and demanded that he surrender. 'I am a soldier, and I never surrender,' shouted Gott, continuing his flight.
  • An officer opened fire, and Gott was wounded in the leg.
  • He died in hospital in Lytton, more from advanced tuberculosis, exposure, and lack of nourishment than from his wound. Opinion was largely sympathetic to Gott, and he was given a public military funeral.
  • Lillooet - Dr. Jan van Eijk, a Dutch linguist specializing in the Lillooet Indian language, disagrees with the meanings one usually finds for Lillooet: 'wild onion' or, less frequently, 'end of trail' (referring to trail from the coast).
  • Van Eijk explains that lillooet is the anglicized form of the Indian word, origin unknown, applied to an undefined area near the present Mount Currie Indian Reserve on the north east side of Lillooet Lake (hence the name of the lake).
  • Lillooet townsite was originally known as Cayoosh Flat (see Cayoosh Creek) but received its present name about 1860 because it was here that the trail from Lillooet Lake reached the Fraser River.
  • The HBC'S short-lived Fort Berens was on the opposite bank of the Fraser River from Lillooet. In 1862 Parsonville, on the site of Fort Berens, became mile zero for the numbering of the miles along the Cariboo Wagon Road.
  • Early mentions of the Lillooet Indian band give a fascinating variety of spellings, ranging from Governor Simpson's Lilowit to Dr. John McLoughlin's Lille-what and Littlewhite.
  • Mount Martley - After Captain John Martley of the 9th Regiment of Foot, who, selling his commission in Britain, secured at Pavilion one of those military land grants intended to make settlers of exofficers.
  • He has been described as 'a great landed proprietor who had little ready cash.' He died, aged sixty-eight, in 1896.
  • Shulaps Range - From the Lillooet Indian word for the ram of the bighorn sheep. (See Yalakom River.)
  • Yalakom River - Derived from the Lillooet Indian word for the ewe of the bighorn sheep. (See Shulaps Range.)
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Shulaps Range

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Lillooet (District) / Mount Carson / Cayoosh Creek / Gott Creek / Mount Martley / Shulaps Range / Yalakom River, Phone : (250) 256-4289

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  • Askom Mountain

  • ). From the Lillooet Indian word for 'mountain.'

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