Kaslo (Village) / Duchess Peak / Mount Kemball / Shutty Bench / Woodbury Creek

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Kaslo, BC (Nearby: Mirror Lake, Shutty Bench, Birchdale, Riondel, Johnsons Landing)

  • Duchess Peak
  • Kaslo
  • Mount Kemball
  • Mount Kemball
  • Shutty Bench
  • Woodbury Creek

413 Fourth Street
Kaslo, British Columbia
V0G 1M0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Kootenay Rockies

Description From Owner:
  • Duchess Peak - After the Duchess, the first steamboat on the upper Columbia River. The boat was described as 'resembling an old canal-boat into which a travelling gipsy's van had been hastily crammed without regard for its position or safety.'
  • Kaslo - Originally the settlement here was known as Kane's Landing after George and David Kane, who built the first house here on land pre-empted by George in 1889.
  • When a post office was opened in 1892, it took the name of Kaslo from Kaslo Creek, 'which enters the lake at this point. David Kane, who became the second mayor of Kaslo in 1894, used to explain that its name was an anglicized spelling of 'Kasleau,'
  • the creek having been named after John Kasleau, a prospector who had arrived many years earlier as one of an HBC party that had come to get lead for bullets from the site of the future Bluebell mine.
  • There is independent evidence for the existence of 'Johnny' Kasleau, and Kane's account has generally been accepted. On the other hand, we have the rival 'blackberry theory' set forth by I. William Cockle, an early postmaster at Kaslo,
  • who wrote to the Chief Geographer at Ottawa on 17 August 1905:
  • The name Kaslo according to the evidence of an old Kootenay Indian named Sebastian who claims that his grandfather told him the names of stopping camps on Kootenay Lake is derived from the word Cassoloe, a blackberry.
  • The affix 'a' to this denotes a place where blackberries grow, this when modified by use results in the word 'Ah-Kas-loe,' by which name the place was known to the Indians Kaslo, The place where blackberries grow.
  • Mount Kemball - After Colonel A.H.G. Kemball, CB, DSO, commanding the 54th (Kootenay) Battalion, CEF, when killed at Vimy in 1917. He lived in the area before the war.
  • Shutty Bench - After John Shutty and his son Andrew, who arrived from Czechoslovakia about 1900. Having established a homestead here, they were joined by the rest of the family, along with five other Slovak families.
  • Woodbury Creek - After Charles J. Woodbury, who explored this creek in 1883 with George Ainsworth.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Kaslo (Village) / Duchess Peak / Mount Kemball / Shutty Bench / Woodbury Creek, Phone : (250) 353-2311

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