Slocan (Village) / Hela Peak / Selkirk Mountains / Valhalla Ranges

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Slocan, BC (Nearby: Brandon, Lemon Creek, Perrys, Appledale, Winlaw)

  • Hela Peak
  • Selkirk Mountains
  • Valhalla Ranges
  • Valhalla Ranges

503 Slocan Street
Slocan, British Columbia
V0G 2C0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Kootenay Rockies

Description From Owner:
  • Hela Peak - In Norse mythology, Hela or Hel was goddess of the world of the dead.
  • Selkirk Mountains - Between the Arrow and Kootenay Lakes, and from the Big Bend of the Columbia to the us border
  • They were originally named Nelson's Mountains by David Thompson, after the hero of Trafalgar (we now have the subordinate NELSON RANGE).
  • After the union of the NWC and the HBC in 1821, they were renamed in honour of Thomas Douglas, fifth Earl of Selkirk (1771-1820).
  • As a means of furthering his philanthropic schemes for resettling dispossessed Scottish crofters in British North America, Selkirk in 1811 secured control of the HBC and founded the Red River settlement.
  • This project led to violent animosity on the part of the NWC that culminated in the Seven Oaks Massacre of 1816. In 1817 Selkirk personally reestablished the colony. Resulting lawsuits broke his health but not his spirit.
  • After his death his close friend Sir Walter Scott said of Selkirk, 'I never knew in my life a man of more generous distinction.'
  • Valhalla Ranges - Named by G.M. Dawson after the hall of immortality where the souls of Norse heroes went after their death in battle.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Valhalla Ranges49.779488, -117.672148

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Slocan (Village) / Hela Peak / Selkirk Mountains / Valhalla Ranges, Phone : (250) 355-2277

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