Vanderhoof (District) / Cluculz Lake / Nechako River / Necoslie River / Nulki Hills / Sinkut Lake / Sob Lake

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Vanderhoof, BC (Nearby: Weneez, Prairiedale, Sinkut River, Mapes, Nulki)

  • Cluculz Lake
  • Nechako River
  • Necoslie River
  • Nulki Hills
  • Sinkut Lake
  • Sob Lake
  • Vanderhoof

160 Connaught Street
Vanderhoof, British Columbia
V0J 3A0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • Cluculz Lake's name based on the Carrier Indian word meaning 'carp lake,' or 'place of big whitefish.'
  • Nechako River - Almost certainly from the Carrier Indian word meaning 'big river.'
  • Necoslie River - A Carrier Indian word meaning 'arrows floating by,' from an incident in an Indian legend.
  • Nulki Hills - From the Carrier Indian word meaning 'big grey hills.'
  • Sinkut Lake - From a Carrier Indian word possibly referring to a deposit of red ochre.
  • Sob Lake - A survey party got so annoyed with a cantankerous homesteader here that they named S.O.B. Lake to record their opinion of him. Victoria felt that this would never do and removed the periods.
  • Vanderhoof - Named after Herbert Vanderhoof, a Chicago publicity agent.
  • In 1908 the Canadian government, the CPR, the Canadian Northern Railway, and the GTPR engaged Vanderhoof to conduct a major campaign in the American press to draw settlers to western Canada. Making maximum use of farm journals of the day,
  • and of his magazine Canada West, Vanderhoof was so successful that a second, similar contract was signed with him.
  • Vanderhoof had ambitious plans for the development of the settlement that was given his name in 1914. He is said to have planned, among other schemes, the building of a large hotel as a refuge for burned-out authors!
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Nechako RiverNecoslie River

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Vanderhoof (District) / Cluculz Lake / Nechako River / Necoslie River / Nulki Hills / Sinkut Lake / Sob Lake, Phone : (250) 567-4711

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  • Batnuni Lake

  • From the Carrier Indian word meaning 'abundance of char.'

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