Masset (Village) / Bruin Bay / Cloak Bay / Dixon Entrance / Cape Edensaw / Hiellen River / Klashwun Point / Masset Inlet

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Masset, BC (Nearby: Delkatla, Old Massett, Sewall, Port Clements, Kung)

  • Bruin Bay
  • Cloak Bay
  • Dixon Entrance
  • Cape Edensaw
  • Hiellen River
  • Klashwun Point
  • Langara Island
  • Masset Inlet

1686 Main Street
Masset, British Columbia
V0T 1M0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • In 1853, as HMS Virago was sailing offshore here, she opened fire with a howitzer but dismally failed to hit her target, a bear ambling along the beach.
  • Cloak Bay, Langara Is. so named in June 1787 by Captain Dixon because of the many cloaks, made of sea otter or beaver skins, that he received here in trade with the Indians.
  • Dixon Entrance - In 1788, after returning to England from the voyage on which he had named the Queen Charlotte Islands, Captain George Dixon showed his map of these waters to Sir Joseph Banks, president of the Royal Society.
  • Dixon left an account of this interview.
  • In it he mentions that, 'When I laid my manuscript chart before Sir Joseph Banks for his approbation, I, at the same time, requested him to name such places as I had not filled up,
  • and he did me the honour to insert mine in the place you find it on the chart.'
  • Cape Edensaw - After Charlie Edensaw (1810?-94), last of the great chiefs of the Masset Haidas. He became a chief upon the death of his uncle in 1842, but only after slaying a rival cousin in combat.
  • A British naval officer who got to know him in 1853 wrote: 'He is decidedly an interesting character, and an example of what splendid abilities are only waiting culture among these Indians.
  • He would make a Peter the Great or Napoleon, with their opportunities. He has great good sense and judgment, very quick, and as subtle and cunning as 'the serpent.'
  • Hiellen River - From the Haida name meaning 'river-by-Tow,' Tow Hill being the distinctive round hill not far from Rose Point.
  • Klashwun Point - G.M. Dawson gave this name, an anglicized version of a Haida word meaning 'point of little mountain.'
  • Langara Island - Named in 1792 by the Spanish navigator Caamano after the Spanish admiral Don Juan de Langara. For a considerable period, this was known as North Island, the Spanish name being in abeyance.
  • Masset Inlet - The Haida name 'Maast' was originally limited to a small island in Masset Sound. The meaning of the word maast is unknown.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Masset (Village) / Bruin Bay / Cloak Bay / Dixon Entrance / Cape Edensaw / Hiellen River / Klashwun Point / Masset Inlet, Phone : (250) 626-3995

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  • Naden Harbour

  • A Haida name indicating that there were numerous settlements around the harbour.

  • Naikoon Provincial Park

  • G.M. Dawson in 1878 noted that Naikoon was the Haida name for Rose Point and meant 'long nose.'

  • Oeanda River

  • Derived from the Haida name meaning 'raven river.'

  • Rose Point

  • Named in 1788 by Captain William Douglas of the Iphigenia, after George Rose, MP. A writer on politics and economics, Rose took a special interest in trading voyages to the Northwest coast. A year earlier ROSE HARBOUR at the southern end of the Queen Charlotte Islands had been named after him. To the Haidas, Rose Point was 'Nai-koon,' meaning, according to G.M. Dawson, something like 'long nose.'

  • Tow Hill

  • Tow (which originally rhymed with 'cow') is derived from a Haida word that may mean 'any grease' or 'place of food.'

  • Virago Sound

  • After HMS Virago, a paddle sloop with six guns, which visited here in 1853 and named a number of features. (See G.P.V. and H.B. Akrigg, HMS Virago in the Pacific 1851-1855.)

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