New Hazelton (District) / Gunanoot Lake / Hagwilget Canyon / Rocher Déboulé Range / Suskwa River

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New Hazelton, BC (Nearby: Hagwilget, Two Mile, South Hazelton, Hazelton, 'Ksan)

  • Gunanoot Lake
  • Hagwilget Canyon
  • Rocher Déboulé Range
  • Suskwa River

3026 Bowser Street
New Hazelton, British Columbia
V0J 2J0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

Description From Owner:
  • Gunanoot Lake - Named after Simon Gunanoot, a Kispiox Indian, object of the most famous manhunt in the history of British Columbia.
  • A skilful hunter and a crack shot, Gunanoot eluded the police for thirteen years after he was accused of murdering two men partly Indian. He finally gave himself up, stood trial, and was acquitted.
  • Hagwilget Canyon - From the Gitksan Indian word meaning 'peaceful, deliberate people.'
  • Rocher Déboulé Range - This name, meaning 'fallen rock,' was originally applied to only one of the peaks here, that which had at its base a massive rock slide that had partly closed the Bulkley River to the passage of salmon.
  • Simon McGillivray, who inspected the damage in 1833, noted especially 'two immense rocks' blocking the stream. He reported that the slide had occurred in 1824.
  • Suskwa River - From the Carrier Indian word for ‘black bear river’.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Suskwa River

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New Hazelton (District) / Gunanoot Lake / Hagwilget Canyon / Rocher Déboulé Range / Suskwa River, Phone : (250) 842-6571

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