Stewart (District) / Hastings Arm / Meziadin Lake / Nass River / Mount Pattullo / Portland Canal

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Stewart, BC (Nearby: Premier, Granduc, Kitsault, Alice Arm, Meziadin Junction)

  • Hastings Arm
  • Meziadin Lake
  • Nass River
  • Nass River
  • Mount Pattullo
  • Portland Canal
  • Stewart

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Stewart, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Northern BC

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  • Hastings Arm - After Rear-Admiral the Hon. G.F. Hastings, Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Station 1866-9.
  • Meziadin Lake - Although this name is derived from the Tsetsaut Indian language (which became extinct about 1940), the name is believed locally to mean 'beautiful,' referring not so much to the scenery as to the excellent fishing provided by the lake.
  • Nass River - The Tlingit Indians of Alaska made periodic visits here because of the abundance of eulachon and interpreted as 'food depot' or 'satisfier of the belly.'
  • Mount Pattullo - After Thomas Duffer-in (Duff) Pattullo, successively alderman of Dawson City, NT, and Prince Rupert, mayor of Prince Rupert, provincial Minister of Lands, and finally Premier of British Columbia 1933-41.
  • The Pattullo Bridge across the Fraser River at New Westminster is also named after him.
  • Pattullo is a Scottish, not an Italian, name. Duff Pattullo was a dapper man in his attire and addicted to rather highly coloured rhetoric. His associates found him hard to know, but he surprised them at times with little acts of kindness.
  • Portland Canal - Named in 1793 by Captain Vancouver in honour of William Henry Cavendish Bentinck (1738-1808), third Duke of Portland and Home Secretary from 1794 to 1801.
  • In 1903 the Canada-Alaskan Boundary Commission placed the boundary between Canada and Alaska along the middle of this canal.
  • Stewart - This community, adjacent to Hyder, Alaska, takes its name from Robert Stewart, first postmaster, who, with his brother John, founded the community in 1903-4.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Stewart (District) / Hastings Arm / Meziadin Lake / Nass River / Mount Pattullo / Portland Canal, Phone : (250) 636-2251

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  • Mount Shorty Stevenson

  • After an old-time prospector from New Brunswick. A giant of a man, he had to have an outsize uniform ordered from Ottawa when he enlisted in World War I. Killed in action.

  • Taylor River

  • After Kenneth C.C. Taylor, DSO, BCLS, killed in action in September 1916. He had surveyed in the Nass area in 1913-14.

  • Thutade Lake

  • The noted surveyor Frank Swannell often jotted down meanings of Indian names that he put on the map. He wrote that the translation of this Sekani Indian name is 'long, narrow lake.'

  • Mount Willibert

  • After Willibert Simpson, on the staff of the Alaskan Boundary Commission 1893-5. He became secretary of the International Boundary Committee and of the Geodetic Survey of Canada.

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