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Kelowna (City) / Mount Dilworth / Ellison Lake / Guisachan / Joe Rich Creek / Klo Creek / Knox Mountain / Lambly Creek

Phone : (250) 469-8500
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Kelowna, BC (Nearby: Westside, Lakeview Heights, Traders Cove, Benvoulin, Okanagan Mission)

  • Mount Dilworth
  • Ellison Lake
  • Guisachan
  • Joe Rich Creek
  • Joe Rich Creek
  • Kelowna
  • Klo Creek
  • Knox Mountain
  • Lambly Creek

1435 Water Street
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 1J4

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • Mount Dilworth - After John Dilworth (18501917), a Manitoba farmer who served in the Red River Rebellion, later farmed near here, and became a Victoria alderman.
  • Ellison Lake - After Price Ellison (1852-1932), pioneer Okanagan rancher and farmer.
  • Ellison came to British Columbia from Manchester in 1876. He became an MLA in 1898 and provincial Minister of Finance and Agriculture in 1910.
  • Joe Rich Creek - After an American prospector who had a cabin here in the 1880s. He was subsequently killed in a mine accident.
  • Kelowna - The fur traders and trappers of the early nineteenth century called the place L'Anse au Sable (Sandy Cove).
  • The name Kelowna (originally pronounced so that the second syllable rhymed with 'allow') entails a curious story. In 1862 one August Gillard pre-empted here. For his abode he had a strange dwelling, half shanty and half underground Indian keekwillee.
  • Gillard was a great hairy man, and one day, when he crawled out of his dugout, some passing Indians, seeing a resemblance to a bear coming out of its den, laughingly cried out the word kethxtüs(anglicized as kimach touche and meaning 'black bear's face')
  • This became the local name for Gillard and his residence. In 1892, when Bernard Lequime had John Coryell, CE, lay out the townsite, the question arose as to the name for the new settlement.
  • The old story of 'Kimach Touche' was recalled, but this name seemed too uncouth. Then someone came up with the bright idea of substituting the word kelowna, Okanagan for 'female grizzly bear,' and Kelowna it became.
  • Klo Creek - KLO stands for the Kelowna Land and Orchard Co., formed in 1904.
  • Knox Mountain - After Arthur B. Knox, who ranched at the foot of the mountain from 1883 to 1902.
  • Lambly Creek - Formerly Bear River or Creek. The name was changed in 1922 in honour of Charles A.R. Lambly, member of a pioneer Okanagan family, who had been government agent at Rock Creek, Camp McKinney, Osoyoos, and Fairview. He died in 1907.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Lambly Creek

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Kelowna (City) / Mount Dilworth / Ellison Lake / Guisachan / Joe Rich Creek / Klo Creek / Knox Mountain / Lambly Creek, Phone : (250) 469-8500

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  • Mission Creek

  • Takes its name from the mission founded north of here in 1859 by Father Pandosy, Father Richard, and Brother Surel of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. In 1860 the mission was moved to Mission Creek.

  • Okanagan Lake

  • At least forty-seven different spellings of this name have been found, beginning with Lewis and Clark's 'Otchenaukane' in 1805 and David Thompson's 'Ookanawgan' in 1811. Sometimes there seem to be just about as many theories as to the derivation of the name, but the majority agree that the compound word okanagan contains the word for 'head.' One likely translation is 'looking toward the upper end [head?]'; another is 'seeing the top or head,' possibly referring to the summit of Mt. Chopaka. The anthropologist Teit wrote, 'Okanagan is said to be derived from the name of a place on Okanagan River, somewhere near the Falls, so named because it was the "head" of the river, at least in so far as the ascent of salmon was concerned.'

    The settlement of Okanagan Falls takes its name from the pretty twin falls that were here before the modern flood-control system eliminated them. The Okanagan Indians had extensive salmon-drying racks here, and the place was usually thought of as their headquarters. The white settlement at the falls used to be known as Dogtown (see Skaha Lake).

  • Postill Lake

  • After the Postill family from Yorkshire. The father, Edward, died in 1873 before he could move onto the handsome large ranch that he had bought in the area, but his three sons took over its management.

  • Powers Creek

  • This was originally Deep Creek, but in 1888 a good-natured young Englishman, William Powers, arrived via Montana, and the neighbours named it after him.

  • Scotty Creek

  • After leaving the Cariboo, the drunken innkeeper William (Scotty) Donaldson (see preceding entry) pre-empted land here on 25 September 1872 but never obtained title. He died in the Okanagan in 1882 at the age of sixty.

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