Sicamous (District) / Cinnemousin Narrows / Hunakwa Lake / Mara Lake / Ratchford Creek

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Sicamous, BC (Nearby: Solsqua, Six Mile Point, Bastion Bay, Annis, Tiili Landing)

  • Cinnemousin Narrows
  • Hunakwa Lake
  • Mara Lake
  • Ratchford Creek
  • Sicamous

446 Main Street
Sicamous, British Columbia
V0E 2V0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • Cinnemousin Narrows - in July 1865 Walter Moberly camped 'at the narrows called Cium-moust-un, which means 'come and go back again.''
  • The meaning of this anglicized Shuswap Indian word given by G.M. Dawson in the next decade was 'the bend.'
  • Hunakwa Lake - G.M. Dawson noted in 1877 that this name is derived from the Shuswap Indian word meaning 'one lake only.'
  • Mara Lake - After John Andrew Mara, one of the Overlanders of 1862. After his epic journey west, he became a merchant, blossomed as a capitalist entrepreneur, presided as Speaker over the BC legislature, and went on to become an MP in Ottawa.
  • Ratchford Creek - After Joseph Ratchford, who apparently used this route during the Big Bend gold rush of 1865. Early in the 1870s, he had a mail contract with the CPR surveyors going through the country.
  • Sicamous - From the Shuswap Indian term meaning 'narrow,' or 'squeezed in the middle.'
  • This is a good description of this area where the growing delta of Eagle River has progressively narrowed what once was another arm of Shuswap Lake and formed Mara Lake and Mara Channel (into Shuswap Lake).
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Ratchford Creek

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Sicamous (District) / Cinnemousin Narrows / Hunakwa Lake / Mara Lake / Ratchford Creek, Phone : (250) 836-2477

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