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Ashcroft, BC (Nearby: Boston Flats, Cache Creek, Spatsum, Walhachin, Spences Bridge)

  • Oregon Jack Creek
  • Spatsum Creek
  • Ashcroft
  • Barnard Creek
  • Barnard Creek

601 Bancroft Street
Ashcroft, British Columbia
V0K 1A0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • Ashcroft - In 1862 Clement Francis Cornwall, a Cambridge BA and a barrister of the Inner Temple, arrived in British Columbia accompanied by his brother, Henry Pennant Cornwall, also a graduate of Cambridge.
  • That year they established a ranch, which they named Ashcroft after their family home in England. They grew wheat, installed a mill, and sold flour to the packers and miners passing by on the Cariboo Road.
  • Ashcroft became a major stopping-place for travellers between Kamloops and Spence's Bridge, and the Cornwalls grew famous for their hospitality. Hundreds of people arrived for the annual races held on Cornwall Flats
  • (the brothers had imported an Arabian stud). The Ashcroft Hunt pursued the coyote instead of the fox, but its hounds had been brought around the Horn.
  • When the CPR named its nearby station Ashcroft, the Cornwalls added 'Manor' to the name of their home to distinguish between the two Ashcrofts.
  • During the time of the Crown colony, C.F. Cornwall was a member of the Legislative Council. When British Columbia entered the Canadian federation, he became one of the senators representing the province in Ottawa.
  • In 1881 he resigned his senatorship and began a six-year period as Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.
  • Oregon Jack Creek - After John ('Oregon Jack') Dowling, a rancher who maintained a roadhouse here, popular with teamsters on the old Cariboo Road. Mary Balf reports that it was 'somewhat unruly.'
  • The British Columbian of 5 August 1863 reports the arrest in Lytton of the 'notorious' Oregon Jack on a charge of burglary after the government had posted a reward of $500 for him dead or alive.
  • Spatsum Creek - Derived from the Thompson Indian word for Indian hemp (Apocynum cannabinum). This plant was important to the Indians as a source of cordage fibres, especially for fishing lines and nets.
  • Barnard Creek - Apparently after Francis Jones Barnard (1829-89), proprietor of the famous Barnard's Express (BX), whose stagecoaches were the chief means of transportation on the Cariboo Wagon Road in the gold rush days and afterwards.
  • Barnard started his business in 1861 by walking 760 miles from Yale to Cariboo and back, delivering letters and other papers.
  • …from G.P.V. Akrigg and Helen B. Akrigg British Columbia Place Names 3rd Edition 1997

Barnard Creek

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Ashcroft (Village) / Oregon Jack Creek / Spatsum Creek / Barnard Creek, Phone : (250) 453-9161

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