Oliver (Town) / McIntyre Bluff / Tugulnuit Lake (Tuc-el-nuit Lake) / Vaseux Lake

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Oliver, BC (Nearby: Fairview, Inkaneep, Willowbrook, Eagle Bluff, Okanagan Falls)

  • McIntyre Bluff
  • Oliver
  • Tugulnuit Lake (Tuc-el-nuit Lake)
  • Vaseux Lake

6150 Main Street
Oliver, British Columbia
V0H 1T0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • McIntyre Bluff - After Peter McIntyre, one of the Overlanders of 1862. Earlier he was an 'Indian fighter' and a guard on the Pony Express in the American West. Late in 1886 he received a Crown grant to the land beside this great precipitous cliff.
  • Oliver - After 'Honest John' Oliver (1856-1927), Premier of British Columbia from 1918 to 1927. Under his Liberal administration, the province carried out an irrigation project here as part of its plan for soldier settlement at the end of World War I.
  • Oliver came from the best sort of English working-class background. He arrived in British Columbia after some years in Ontario and by diking and draining made his farm one of the more prosperous ones in the delta of the Fraser River.
  • Various stories are told of 'Honest John's' thrift while premier. When in Vancouver he would pass by the resplendent Hotel Vancouver and stay in a cheaper place on a side street.
  • His secretary, Morton, remembers how he took him into the White Lunch to eat. Catching a train to an Ottawa conference, he would book a lower berth, not the private compartment or drawing room that his ministers regarded as their prerogative.
  • Once, when he got a letter claiming damages because the Public Works Department had let a drain get plugged and the fields had flooded, Premier Oliver took the ferry to the mainland, drove out to Dewdney, and took a look at the plugged drain.
  • What the farmer thought when he found the premier looking around in person, nobody knows.
  • Premier Oliver was a quick man with an aphorism. Here are two: 'Think before you work. Don't work first and think afterwards.' 'The man on top of the stack has the widest view, but he gets all the wind and the flying ants.'
  • Tugulnuit Lake (Tuc-el-nuit Lake) - From the Okanagan Indian word meaning 'lake alongside river.'
  • Vaseux Lake - The French word vaseux, meaning 'muddy' or 'slimy,' was probably applied to the lake early in the last century by French-Canadian employees of the fur-trading companies. The name apparently refers to the amount of silt deposited in the lake
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

McIntyre Bluff

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Oliver (Town) / McIntyre Bluff / Tugulnuit Lake (Tuc-el-nuit Lake) / Vaseux Lake, Phone : (250) 485-6200

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