Keremeos (Village) / Cathedral Lakes / Quiniscoe Lake / Similkameen River / Wall Creek / Ashnola River

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Keremeos, BC (Nearby: Olalla, Cawston, Marron Valley, Fairview, Chopaka)

  • Cathedral Peak
  • Keremeos
  • Quiniscoe Lake
  • Similkameen River
  • Wall Creek
  • Ashnola River

702 - 4th Street
Keremeos, British Columbia
V0X 1N0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Thompson Okanagan

Description From Owner:
  • Take their name from Cathedral Peak, just south of the international boundary.
  • The latter was named in 1901 by two brothers, Carl and George Smith, members of a us Geological Survey party. They made the first ascent of the mountain, which impressed them as looking 'something like a big church.'
  • Keremeos - In 1860 the HBC closed down Fort Okanogan in American territory and transferred its staff and stock to Kererneos.
  • The HBC post then founded was closed in 1872. Keremeos post office was opened in 1887. The name is derived from the Okanagan Indian word meaning '[land] cut across in the middle,' or 'a flat cut through by water.'
  • Quiniscoe Lake - Herb Clark, an early promoter of the Cathedral Lakes area, gave this name to the largest lake.
  • It is the name of the Indian chief and hunter who is the subject of the poem Quin-is-coe' in Stratton Moir's book In-Cow-Mas-Ket, published in 1900.
  • Randy Bouchard says that the Indian words that appear in this book are mostly Okanagan terms, so there is a chance that quiniscoe is also an Okanagan word.
  • Similkameen River - Alexander Ross, in his account of his visit to the Kamloops area in 1812, mentions returning to Fort Okanogan by way of the Samilkameigh River, and he lists the Samilkameigh as one of the
  • the twelve Indian groups making up the Okanagan nation. In his Columbia journal of 1825, Sir George Simpson mentions the Samilkameighs as living on the north side of the river of the same name.
  • Samilkameigh became corrupted into Similkameen by analogy with its tributary, the Tulameen River. A.C. Anderson, the pioneer EIBC man, speaks of 'Similk-ameen literally Salmon-river,' though he notes that 'there are no salmon in it.
  • Actually the derivation of Samilkameigh is probably lost forever, for the word comes from the now extinct language known as 'Nicola-Similkameen, one of the Athapaskan language group.
  • Wall Creek - From the perpendicular walls of its canyon.
  • Ashnola River - This name is found, spelled Ashtnoulou, as early as 1861 and is from the Okanagan Indian language. The meaning of the suffix is 'land, place, etc.'
  • The meaning of the root is less certain, but it could be '(ex)change.' Thus, Ashnola might be translated as 'place of trading.'
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Similkameen RiverWall CreekAshnola River

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Keremeos (Village) / Cathedral Lakes / Quiniscoe Lake / Similkameen River / Wall Creek / Ashnola River, Phone : (250) 499-2711

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